Help on diagnostic error in Lexicon DC-1 v. 2.1

My DC-1 diagnostic test created an error "E06" when I inadvertently turned on my cd player and power amp ahead of it.

Tried for several times to bring it to work again by completely shutting off my other equipment including the main power button at the back of the unit before turning it on again, but to no avail.

Any suggestion on how to go about this problem?

Reset the main program by the following procedure (I received it from Lixicon support:

try the following reset procedure.

Please understand that this will erase all of your customized settings.

1. Turn back panel AC mains switch OFF
2. Press and hold REC/ZONE 2 & EFFECT buttons while powering back ON from the rear. Keep holding the buttons down until "EXTENDED DIAGNOSTICS Select A Test" is displayed. Once this is displayed, you may release the buttons.
3. Turn the volume knob to the right, until "Clear Ram..." is displayed
4. Press the MUTE button
5. Press the TAPE button
6. Unit will re-boot and run through diagnostics
Thanks for the suggestion.

Tried the reset procedure thrice but was unable to get my unit to display "Extended Diagnostics Select A Test" despite pressing and holding on the required buttons for more or less 3 minutes. How long will I press and hold the buttons till the unit will display these words?
It's been a while since I ran the diagnostic/reset procedure, but I don't recall any difficulty at all, and I simply had the instructions printed out in front of me - followed them to the letter. I don't recall having to wait too long though.

I suggest you send an email to Lexicon, or call their support line. Just spell out your problem and see if they can help. They're generally responsive (though not as much so as some companies I'm familiar with).
Sent an email already to Lexicon, but still have yet to receive a reply. Anyway, thanks again for your help.
Lexicon is a little slow in responding (as I said, they're average), but they have always responded to me. You might try calling them, or sending another email.