Help on choosing a amp for Dali Helikon 400 mk1

I am looking to spend $3500 on a used SS amp . I listen to Jazz on vinyl mostly, rock on vinyl and CD.My pre is a BAT vk 31.Room size 25'x16'

I appreciate you're feedback, thank you!
I think you've got a lot of options Marcval. It would be hard to go wrong with the gear you've already got, IMHO.

I think the Dalis and BAT are considered to be somewhat warm sounding gear, as opposed to neutral or lean, so if you want to keep going in that direction you could try a Belles or McIntosh or Plinius amp, to name just a few.

If you want something leaner, faster, more neutral you could try Krell, Bryston, Pass Labs X-series or a bunch of others.

Or you could try a BAT amp. Many people feel you get a nice synergy going with a pre and amp from the same manufacturer. I'm sure Victor Khomenko at BAT tried to design them that way.

Then you have the opportunity to roll tubes in your preamp which you can do to further tune your sound. Do you already have some tubes, or is that too expensive for you to consider?

It's hard to say what would really click for you. Can you give us a little more info about what you've tried or what sound you're looking for?
Thank you for you're response Tomcy6
I would like to go in the more neutral/detail way.I did try some Nuforce ref v2se, it sounded very detail (good) but to bright on my system.

I will audition a BAT vk 220 as you mention.

I did not think about tube rolling. does it make a big difference on a pre?
I currently have 2 B&K st202 bi amp.
I have heard de Dali 400mkI a few times, the best amp driving the speakers I heard was the musical fidelity tri-vista 300. I know it is not an answer to the question.
I primarily listen to jazz and rock on vinyl. I am using a BAT VK-250 with BAT-PAK along with my BAT VK-31SE preamp into a pair of Aerial 7Bs and am very happy. You should be able to find this on audiogon at your price point. I have not auditioned the VK-220, but from what I read on the 10 Audio website, the VK-250SE is substantially better
I'm using a Nad M3 to power my 400 mk1's and am stunned by the results. I demo'd the 400's on some McIntosh amps (not sure of the models) and quite frankly the Nad ranks right up there.
thank you for you're response.
witch one of you listen to detail not to bright sound with some warmth.
does that make sense?you know like listening to Coltrane, Mingus or Nina Simone and feel like you are they're.
I find that the Nad M3/Dali Helikon 400 mk1 combo very warm and natural, but did feel I needed to upgrade my cd player (Rega Planet) in order to achieve that "live" sound that I dream of. I now have an Esoteric sa-60 source and am thrilled with the results: natural, warm, and life-like. Not true "live" sound, but pretty darn close.
Thank you Jackarosey, I like NAD,they put out excellent product for the price i still use it in my a/v but i need a power amp since i already invested in a pre.(BAT V3ix)
I forgot to mention, the Dali 400mkI I listened to was modified with an other tweeter and an other filter.
Ive had a pair of Helicon 400s for almost a couple years now. I have used a Simaudio Equinox SE CDP with a BAT 300x SE (6H30 tubes and BAT-PAK) with excellent results. I tried the pre-out of the 300x SE with a VK 220 w/BAT-PAK (125 wpc) and wasnt too impressed. It wasnt bad, its just that the 300x SE bested it, and made me realize how good this integrated is. I have also heard that the BAT 250 is substantially better than the 220 even w/BAT-PAK. I see the BAT 250 used on Agon for $3000-3500. I bet it would be a great combo. My last 2cents is that the VK 31 with powerful SS like a Simaudio would probably be quite good. Simaudio is known for its detail and strong but taught bottem end, which could really highlight not only the jazz you admire, but rock on vinyl, and accentuate and round out the pluses of the VK 31. Im thinking the Simauaio Moon w-5 for a/b $2400 used (190 wpc, which easily translates to 250+ wpc in other brands). I have listened to the Helicon 400s also with Simaudio I-3SE (100 wpc) and I-5SE (a/b 75 wpc) and was still impressed. Word.
Thank's for you're response 1graber2.I ended up with a tube amp PrimaLuna prologue 7 mono's. It sound very good i am ready to start tube rolling by curiosity mostly.
the ss amps i tried made it hard to listen for a long time.too bright for my ears.
Marcval, I agree that sometimes the upper end can get bright (even with my BAT 300SE: tube pre and SS amp), but was able to tone it down with cable choices, mostly just the interconnects.

Ironically, the brightness also increased when I invested in a Shunyata Taipan Helix VX, when plugged into my integrated amp.
However, when I plugged the Shunyata into my CDP instead, and plugged the Nordost El Dorado into my integrated, the problem was solved.

How is the bottom end with the Prologue 7 monos and Dali's? What interconnects, powercords, and speaker cables are you using?