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Hello every one I need advice...I have a balanced audio technology vk-5i preamplifier that needs to change the output capacitors they are rated 1mfd at 400vdc this use to be made by Jensen but they are no longer in business, I contacted Bat but they asked more than 450 us for changing them, can you recommend a substitute and what brand should I buy?
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The ODAMs are 3 times the price. The OP had concerns over pricing otherwise I could have recommended CuTF at $1200 a set!
The Odams are mid priced high end caps and nowhere near $1200 a set. They sound 2x better than $50 caps. Just giving the facts and the OP can decide. The Miflex caps I compared were $70 plus each.  The Odams are around $90.  The cheaper Miflex  caps are simply not in the same league as the Odams. 
Cutf Vcaps are very good, but the Odams are very special and many feel no need to spend the Cutf price after using them.  I am one such person. 
I stand corrected. The ODAM are $90 from Vcap while the Miflex are $66 from Partsconnexion. The $1200 was for CuTF however and it should have been $2200+ Must be having a pre-senior moment.
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@ausaudio   Thanks for the info.  I probably have in 150 different caps in my shop right now.  My quotes as I thought that I eluded to are about the type of caps in general.  I have a few different PIO, they seem to share a rich tone quality, but not as detailed as some other caps that I prefer. My note about Digikey having Jensen was only because I looked. I had no idea that they were out of business. 
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