Help on cartridge..

Hi AugoneRs.
I finally upgrade my TT(clearaudio champion II) and need some help on finding a matching cartridge.since i am fairly new to the analog world,i am not sure if i am suppose to use a MC or MM pre-amp is Batvk-3i with the phono card upgrade through Bat.I have no clue about the gain on the pre-amp.Any one out there with the same Bat pre-amp that could help me out?.i would like to spend around 500-750 on the cartridge.thanks
Look at the Aurum Beta S.
What arm are you using?
i am using the un-modify RB-300
Price points:
X5 MC about 120 street
Kontra B about 500 street
Aurum S about 250 street
New Blue Point special, not the older model
Grado Platinum or Sonato 100-350 street

Listen to some friends and see what floats your boat.
Dynavector 20X smokes any of those that you mentioned. You can get it in either high output (20X-H) or low output (20X-L) configurations. This is easily the best sounding cartridge in the $500 and under category. The big brother, the 17D2 is a major babe for $750 but it is only available in a low output version.

But those would be my top two recommendations, hands down.