Help on ancient Audionics CC-2s

Hi folks. I'm a fringe dabbler in audio---now stick to mostly entry-level, as I got cured of my audio addiction after working with Keith Yates Audio and Levinson gear in the 80s, discovering I would never stop, stop, spending or experimenting, so I quit, cold turkey. Yikes.
However, I recently picked up two of my favorite blasts from amp pasts,
Audionics CC-2s for about 99 bucks each, plus shipping, plus whatever repairs/ mods I need. Want to run them in a bi-amping situation. I'm not audio e.e. savvy to do myself---but have an excellent repair shop in my town with folks hip to Audionics, complete schematics, etc. Amps work (one output transistor replaced) but may want new caps. Any suggestions? Black Gates? Thanks much!
Read this if you haven't already
I have a pair CC-2's and have used them for biamping and have run them in mono. The mono configuration sounded best in my system. One of mine needs new caps and if you read the blurb above you will know more about this.
Thanks for the read about Bob Sickler. The CC-2 amp was indeed very special for its time.
thanks RWwear. Thanks much, I'd already read this link but will indeed go back and glean more (and actually sent a query to Lynn Olsen, if he's still around). In fact, I used to work in retail audio back in the day here in Oregon (home of Audionics of Oregon; we were a dealer for them) and loved the little CC-2s when they came out. It was a sweet little combo paired with Infinity Infinitesmals and a sub. Once I get the caps replaced I too will run them in mono. I'm reliving my vintage days a bit (it's a bit cheaper than moving forward:) ) and also found one of my all time favorites that I used to own from my '80s audio retail days, too, a Robertson Audio 4010, that I would love to find another of to pair with it.
I will most likely get recommendations from the guys at InnerSound repair here in Portland, OR as they have also worked on my two Audionics CC-3 amps (that are prototypes I suspect that I picked up in perfect shape for a great price, complete with original Audionics of Oregon boxes---they have a Fosgate-style faceplate, but seem to be definitely a Bob Sickler design, right before the buy-out. Thanks so much for your helpful reply. What are running yours with in related gear?
I fondly remember a pair of CC-2s I owned long time ago. The only fault I could find was some darkness to the sound that I am sure can be solved with good modern capacitors. I agree the amplifiers sounded best in mono, although if your speakers have a low impedance, it would be better to run them in stereo.
I'm not using them now as one needs new caps. I thought about modernizing them but I have lots of amps. Maybe someday.
Can anyone tell me where i might get my cc3 repaired ? Just in case ! Mine is different all gold alloy case work with silver heat sinks . If I wanted to recap the 15,000uf that are in there , what should i go with /type ? I know it has to be same voltage but is that it?
I have a pair of CC-2s that I would like to ran in bridge mode .I'm told that the speaker +and _ poles have to be connected to +poles of the amp?.Can anyone help don't want any damage .Help
I'm looking for manual for the audionics cc-2 or a copy need instruction in speaker wiring in mono mode
I'm pretty sure you connect the two positive speaker outs and flip the mono switch.
I have one cc2 that i referbed myself.  Would like another to bridge in mono.  If anyone knows about one. please email me
I have two. I may sell them. I'm sure they could use some work.
I owned CC2s. Someone above mentioned darkness to the sound, which describes many amplifiers from the past. When I purchased, originally for kicks, the Nuforce STA 200 in early 2017, I began selling many amplifiers from my collection. I am in no way saying this amp is the best, but it did, better many 20 plus year old amplifiers in my collection. The storage caps, ime, would not be the only parts, needing to be replaced, to get them to sound more open, and competitive, with other modern designs. Again, this is my opinion, and my experience. Enjoy ! MrD.