Help on amp choice.

I have a carver C1000 home theater receiver which I am
happy with except for it's inability to drive my Carver
amazing III Plus speakers to higher levels (this unit has
pre outs) and I want to add a higher power amp to drive the speakers. I am considering the following:
Aragon 8008ST
Sunfire 300 Load Invarient (matches my C1000)
Adcom 565 Mono Blocks
B&K Sonata M200 Mono Blocks
Carver A-760x (725 watts@4ohm)
(all used - priced $750.00 to $1000.00)
All advice is appreciated.


can't go wrong with the Sunfire 300 IMO!
Sunfire!!!!!!!!!! Aragon is harsh, carver is flat, B&K ok, Adcom monoblocks aren't in sunfires class.
The BK M200s are great amps. That would be my choice
I have never heard Aragon described as harsh...I guess you would think Krell and Levinson are harsh...
The Aragon Palladiums are the nicest sounding monoblocks for the money... 2500.00 is money well spent. I have had the sonatas and the aragons make them sound flat and 2 dimensional... to each is own...