Help on 5ch amp decision

I'm looking for suggestions on 5ch amps for my system. I will probably try to buy used and would like to stay under $1K. I'm running 5 NHT SB3s and an SW2Pi sub. The preamp is a Sony TAE9000ES. I don't want the sound to be too bright and I'm more concerned about it sounding good/accurate/natural on 2-ch music (or SACD/DVD-Audio once I go that route).

I have the Sherbourn 5/1500A, and I've felt no need to upgrade it in the nearly 3 years that I've owned it. It has good dynamics and clarity. And it can be acquired used for around your price limit.

I compared it to the Rotel RMB-1075 using my NAD receiver as a preamp/processor for both and the Sherbourn ran circles around it.

Good luck in your decision!

NHT is nice but wants a lot of power. Depending on your room size, you may need a ton of power. If I were running your set-up in a 15 x 20 room, I would want 200+ watts per channel. Smaller rooms will need less.
I have a pretty small room (12x11x8) with a large opening (basically the room is missing the left rear corner as an opening to another similar sized room). This is bedroom system and I will probably never try to get 110db out of it.
I had a Sony es piece as a preamp with a Parasound HCA 2205 AT 220/ch and NHTs and it souded Great!
Its a little over your budget used around 1200 but I think it's worth every penny