Help Not 60Hz hum but 10Khz wine noise

I have a high frequency wining noise that increases with the volume. I have 4 dedicated 20 amp plugs, my SACD player only is grounded (Aloia amp/preamp and DVD player ground is lifted), no interconnects are touching. Never had the noise with just the SACD connected but as soon as I added the Tech DVD A10N the noise appears. The noise comes and goes also. But, if I disconnect the SACD ic at the SACD rca jack, the noise disappears (leaving the A10N connected). If I plug the A10 into the same preamp position as the SACD (SACD not connected), no noise either. I can't understand why the noise would come and go. Next step is to connect the A10n to another circuit (original home service) and then separate the dedicated ground (separate ground loop installed outside for 20 amp dedicate lines) the electrician combined with the existing ground to stay in code. Thanks
I found that if my DVD player I use as a transport (Marantz DV18) is on, it sometimes produces a similar high pitched whine when I'm listening to my SACD player, which uses Nordost Quattro Fil interconnects, particularly if I have a disc in the DVD player. No problem with my other digital sources, which are using very heavily shielded interconnects. Sound goes away when I turn off the DVD player. I think that, combined with the Nordost's lower shielding protection, is the culprit in my system, and it may be in yours as well. DVD players tend to send out a lot of RFI or similar interference by themselves when they are on, more so than CD players, in my experience. Curious to see if that's the explanation in your system.
Rcprince, the whine exists only when both players are conected to the preamp. It doesn't matter if one is turn on or not, I still get the whine. If I connect the DVD only to preamp, no whine. I've even disconnected the ac plug on the DVD and still left the source on preamp selected as DVD (with SACD connected) and still get the whine. I wish I had some cheese to go with the wine. I'm wondering idf ots a ground loop or something wrong with amp/preamp. Will need to contact HiFi Farm next. Thanks,Mike
Just a thought as you are getting a high frequency whine, although the units may be switched off and still connected via the power cord to the power circuit is the display of one or the other units still "active"..? It may be that you are getting interference generated here or from part of the power supply circuit that is still "live" although the units are switched off from the front panel..?? It may also be that with the units connected they are effectively acting as an antenna and passively injecting this high frequency signal into your system. You may need to spend an hour going thru your system and checking all the connections. Also don't discount that there may be something else in your house or adjacent that is generating this signal and it is being "fed" into your audio system. Hope this makes sense and helps. Regards, Richard.
Thanks for all of the input. The problem went away after I returned the Technics A10N DVDA and replaced it with a more $ Toshiba SD9200 DVDA. The DVDA player is clearly better in ever respect (audio and video) and is dead quite.