Help..Noisy Systemdek motor

I just picked up a Systemdek IIX from craigslist. It has a few issues. One being a loud motor. The second being a missing headshell. The headshell seems easy as It looks like a jelco replacement. As for the motor, should I try to oil it? Or search for a replacement?
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I found out the headshell is actually very difficult to find. It needs to be angled and sme bayonet style. I found a denon shell at lpgear that seems to meet these requirements. As for the motor the noise is intermittent.
Someone with motor noise experience please chime in.
Get a mechanics stethoscope and listen to the motor while adjusting the bolts that fix it to the mount. I have found there is a sweet spot. Also you can get new motors. if you need one let me know.

Other upgrades you want to do
I have tweaked the unit by apply Dynamat to the - plinth, suspension members, motor, motor mount and arm board. The difference can be heard with a stethoscope. (I applied a reasonable amount to the suspension parts - didn't want to add too much weight. Additionally I have taken the bottom panel off and removed the foam from the springs and cleaned them and applied talcum to the rubber bushings.
Remove bottom and leave off
Remove foam from inside springs
Get a new platter - acrylic - this will let you use a record clamp - weight
Don't use Grado cartridges - not shielded - motor noise
Use a good bubble level with a flat record in place not the platter. (Platters can be concave)
Make sure to clean and oil the spindle bearing (I use synthetic motor oil)
MAke sure to use both grounds and tie them together. The one for the arm and the one to the little bolt/nut on the back of the unit