help newbie choose/position speaker stands, please

I'm an A-gon member with a friend (let's call him "Fred") who just purchased a pair of Dynaudio contour 3.1 mkII speakers. I think he has an old McIntosh 240 or 260 tube power amp, if it matters. He needs help buying and placing his speakers. Here's what he says about the room in question:

This is a pure guess. I think the room is about 20' x 20' with a 6' x 6' bathroom in the northwest corner. The stereo and speakers are going to be set up along the south wall and my desk is in the middle of the room
facing the south wall, so the bathroom is behind my left shoulder.

You guys must have some great ideas, and we'd appreciate any and all opinions.

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A room that forms a perfect square will always be a problem. First solution, move. If you can't do that then you will have to compromse some (we all do). See if you can distort the room boundaries some by placing speakers along one of the angles the square makes. The desk must move to one of the side walls as far away from the speakers as possible. That goes for your assumed sofa bed and any other large obstical. This may seem a bit too impractial, so set the speakers along the S wall maning sure they are equi-distant from the wall boundaries. Toe them in and your listening position should form an isasolies (spelling) triangle with your two speakers. A Eco
busters room tune package should also help.