Help newb figure out the best route for new setup

Hi, I'm thinking of making the jump from digital to analog. I've never had or used a phonoplayer before. There are quite a few things to consider when buying phono gear. Since this is a brand new setup i thought it would be great to hear what you guys think is the best route to go and what to stay away from.

Im coming from using CD's and flac files through a Wyred 4 Sound DAC 2.

What is a good brand model table?
Would you go MC or MM and why?
Thing to look for? Options, upgrades etc...
I need it to sound better then my current setup with the W4S DAC2 otherwise what is the point. In fact its gotta sound ALOT better for around the same price. Otherwise convenience, and cost for new music just doesnt make sense.

What do you guys think?

Assuming that your budget is the same as the cost of your W4S DAC2 at about $1500.00 and given you that expect it to sound better than your digital right out of the gates or at least equal to it and that you don't have any vinyl to start.I would recommend you stay with digital. However if you are willing to make the journey over time to a rig that can best digital you can certainly get a setup that will sound good and be very musical. A good start could be pro-ject debut III -w- cart $400 new , and a Cambridge audio 640p it does mm and mc for $ and a spin clean record cleaner $80. It gets your feet wet and will leave you money for records and if you don't like it it should resell rather well.
I have an Origin Live TT combo. I would put it up against cd sources costing 3-4 times what I paid. If you can invest $2000 or so, I would opt for Origin Live's newest entry level TT the Aurora and arm (either OL1 or Alliance) with a inexpensive cartridge ($200) from Ortofon, Clearaudio, Grado. Plus, you will a phono section - perhaps a used one from Musical Surroundings, NAD or Grado. This will allow you to upgrade every piece (TT, arm, etc) over time as needed like a power source, arm, etc. Good luck.
Sorry, not going to happen for that price. Lower price analog will give you a taste of the vinyl experience but no where near the sonics to beat your digital set up. A budget of 3500.00 and upwards for table, arm, cartridge, and phono will be required.

And then after that, you need some vinyl to play. So, more big bucks.
Thanks guys. I kind of figured I wasn't going to touch the quality of digital at the same price point. I'm not factoring in the cost of buying new music as that would happen gradually and may just be a fun part of the process...

I was more interested in... if I took a CD/Flac with my current setup, and compared it to the vinyl of the album on a setup i could get for similar cost, which will sound better. And it looks like at my price point digital may outdo the vinyl.

Please keep the suggestions and thoughts coming though. If i do decide to go the vinyl route i do realize it will be a route of upgrades and improvement over time so I'm hoping for suggestions on pieces that will last the upgrade process and can be improved upon.
If you are willing to go used, you can easily match and exceed your digital front end for $1500. A Sota Star with arm and cartridge can usually be found under that. A Cambridge 640p recommended above is a good, inexpensive choice. or McCormack Micro Phono. Dynavector 17d or 23r cartridge, Benz Micro Glider, Sumiko Talisman, AT404, and many other cartridges from the 80s still play and sound very good.
If you have to go new, the only thing close to that price that would beat your digital front end is probably Rega 3, or Project turntable.
I'm not sure either would 'out do' the other; they'd just be different IMO. Preferable is a different matter though. Also keep in mind that the same album can have better or worse production on vinyl vs CD.

I've got a $1k DAC and a $1k-ish vinyl setup. They're different. Which is better is heavily dependant on my mood.
Thanks for the input and suggestions. I would definitely go used.