Help - New Paradign Signature speakers buzzing

I have new Paradigm Signature S-2s that I am using as fronts for a month or two, and have recently noticed an intermittent buzzing from one of the tweeters.

The buzz is most noticeable when I'm playing CDs with unaccompanied piano, occurring perhaps once of twice a minute, the buzzing lasting three of four second and loud enough for me to hear from 15 feet away. If I get close to the speaker, the buzzing sound appears to be clearing coming from the tweeter, which is a 1 inch gold-anodized pure-aluminum dome. There is no visible damage to the exterior of the tweeter. The buzz is heard whether I have the grilles on or off.

I also noticed when I place my ear closer to the speaker that neither tweeter (the one with the buzz or the other one) appears to be producing much if any sound, even when the pianist plays in the upper octaves.

I tried re-attaching the speaker wires(the speakers are biwired with spades - and yes, the jumpers were removes as they should be) and that seemed to result in sound to the tweeter that had been buzzing, but the intermittent buzzing continued.

The speakers are powered by an Anthem MVA-50 which is a couple of years old and the low end is sent to a Velodyne DD-15 sub. I play mostly jazz and classical and not at volumes that should stress the speakers, espcially not with the Anthem.

Before I phone Paradigm, I'd greatly appreciate any insight Audiogon posters may have either to diagnose the problem or troubleshoot it. Thanks.
- Jon
I have a pair of Totem Arros that had some of the issues you described. Especially the piano. Through the dealer, Totem replaced the tweeter(for free),and that solved the problem
From your description, it sounds like one blown tweeter. It may have been defective from the factory.You would need to get a new tweeter from Paradigm. I would let the dealer know so they can get you one ordered.

As for why you hear neiher playing close up..I'm not sure. That tweeter is crossed over at should definitely hear something from them most of the time. They have a tough job covering a large part of the critical range of music.
GMood1 and Rgc - Thanks for your help. It's interesting. After I posted I played a Kathleen Battle recording that featured her soaring voice and a flutist and there was no buzzing. Maybe the timbre of the piano (which is much less dynamic than Battle) causes a problem.
I have heard the Paradigm tweeters ring in the past.Not sure if that's what you're hearing. I thought they had taken care of the ringing tweets with the newer versions.
Gmood1 - It sounds to me more of a buzz rather than a ringing (it's not high-pitched;more of a staticky sound)
When I say ringing ..I'm talking about a very light buzz. Similar to the sound of a knat buzzing near your ear.If it's static ..most likely bad tweeter or tweeters.
Have you swapped the speakers from left to right to determine the problem is definitely the speaker and not the amp? If not that's something to try.
Are you sure speaker post are fully tightened? Also check the wires in back of your Cd player and make sure no bare wire is touching the jacks.