Help - new house - new setup?

I have just moved house and the new room is about 20x18 with 28 foot ceilings and glass/openings on 2 of the walls.

My system was CAT SL1 with spectron musician amp playing through VS VR4jrs. Front end Michell Orbe and Oppo 105.

I went all HT and got Halo A51 and JC1 monos with a Marantz 8802.

I was expecting a big improvement but the sound is lost in this room and sounds poor.

Someone suggested JL audio fathom to take the weight off the VR4rs so I got a 212 which has improved bass substantially but SPLs are still weak.

I feel I need to upgrade the JR4s and would like to spend up to 10k on some new speakers or Albert is advocating 5k to upgrade the JR4s.

Any suggestions would be most welcome as I live in the sticks and my nearest decent dealer is 250 miles away.

I am considering ML Montis/Summit, Revel Salon, Wilson Sophia 3, Thiel cs 3.7 and Legacy Whispers among others.

My main concern is having a speaker that will give the SPL level necessary for this room.
I had a room almost the same size in our prior home. I looked at a number of high end speakers including the Whisper. I finally settled on a set of Dunlavy SC-V(s) and have been a dedicated fan ever sense. What the speakers do best is play loud (or soft) with great authority and eliminates/reduces the acoustic challenges of almost any room. They are fast like an electrostatic but images as a true point source. They go extremely deep, but are very tight. They would match beautifully with the Fathoms and your other equipment. They must be purchased used and a vintage set will go for something around 5K. The potential in this room is AWESOME!!! Hope this helps.