Help needed with integrated amp

I currently own a Majik DS from Linn as my source and my speakers are a pair of Avalon NP2. I'm listening to all kind of music, but mainly jazz, rock and vocals. I'm looking for an integrated amp that can rock my world a little bit while being natural with a deep and wide soundstage. I've tried a Rega Elicit and Bryston B100SST until now. The Bryston is really not my kind. No bass at all and sounds as worse as solid state can sound in a poor design. Not a musical amp. The Rega is much better, but it lacks of air and finesse. Any input is really appreciated.
I listen to mainly jazz as well. With the info you've provided I would look at Plinius (owned the 9200) , or Blue Circle (BmPH) that I have now. These are the best 2 integrateds of all I've owned; both are solid state. But really, the truth is that it will all come down to the match of the amplifier to your Avalons as to finding an integrated you like. I have not heard anyone give as poor a critique of the Bryston as you. It sounds to me like it was just a very poor match to your speakers. Depending on your budget and if you can afford it, you may want to consider Accuphase. I've always wanted to try one. All the above have excellent reps as solid state integrateds.
I think you should consider a Creek Destiny.
Sounds like what you are looking for.
I am surprised at the Bryston's lack of bass. I do not use them but it is suppose to be their best future. Have you tried different speaker cables? These can make huge difference if the ones you have don't match the characteristics of the amp and speakers. Otherwise I like the Blue Circle, I am in the process of becoming a dealer for them. Also had good results with Musical Fidelity. There is a TriVista 300 available for $2200 now. That is a real buy for a top quality amp. It would be hard to better its bass without spending 4 or 5 times the money.
Pass Labs INT 150 is hands down in my opinion the best integrated out there. Only from the mind of Nelson Pass could come an integrated amp of this caliber.
Give the Rega another listen. To me, it's a class leader at 3 grand.