Help needed to set up an analog system

I want to set up an analog system from scratch after a few nothing but thrilled vinyl cf CD experience. However, I'm a total nut here. Anyone know any good resources/reference/literature like 'Analog system ABC' or 'Analog system for dummies' etc cause I've heard of all those pains in the neck in setting up a vinyl system after hearing all these scary jargons such as hard/soft suspension, antiskating, VTA,... etc. Just hope to learn the basics before field work. Appreciate all inputs.
Tell us how much you think you would like to spend and we can go on from there.....
Thanks for reply. Don't have generous budget, probably around 3k for TT, tonearm and catridge. Recommendations welcome. Still, I would like to get any relevant literatures (preferrably on web) that explain the ABC to set up a system properly. Lately I'm come across too many terms which I really need to figure out what they are before I could sleep tight.
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With 3K you can get some excellent vinyl sound, especially if you are considering used/demo. Some tables to keep in mind in that range:(buy the table/arm used if you are serious, then get a new cartridge from a local dealer who will help you set up the table :))

Linn LP12(my table) w/Lingo or Valhalla power supply
Goldmund(any) pricey but affordable used

(if buying separately)
Rega RB900(RB300 or RB600 if you are trying to save $$)
SME(most models are awesome)
Linn Ekos or Ittok(one up from my Akito)
Graham(you should be so lucky to find one of these used)

Cartridges - depends on the table/arm and your system/tastes
but here are some strong cartridges and some strong contenders:

Bang for the buck: Denon,Grado,Benz, Linn(I use a Linn K-9 with good results)

Budget to the winds(or depserate seller): Koetsu)any), Lyra Clavis, Linn Arkiv.
Van Den Hull Grasshopper

These are not the only good possibilities by a mile, just some you do not want to miss. I have seen some killer deals on this site, well within your budget.

As for definitions and comprehension, aside from a large book like Robert Harley's, you might want to find a good analogue shop and pick their brains. As I said, you can find a good deal on the table/arm and then give them the very profitable cartridge busines in return for their expertise and set-up help. It is not rocket-science, you just want your arm to track correctly, and isolate your turntable both from your speaker output and any heavy footsteps or accidental bumps into the table. The factors that allow you to pull this off, aside from the basic table itself, are a dedicated turntable stand like the Arrici.
Once the table is set up, it tends to stay that way unless it is moved or seriously jostled. But it is worth it!

Have fun! Read a lot, listen a lot, and shop till the tonearm drops!
Just looked at a few options out there you might want to consider...
New: Basis 1400/Rega RB300 $ 1,600 + cost of good cartridge
" JA. Michel/Rega RB300 $1,600 = cartridge

Used: VPI HW19 w/ upgraded platter/clamp, Rega RB300 arm and Benz Glider cartridge for $ 1,000. I would buy this setup if I didn't already have my Linn. This was the best deal IMHO, as you get first-rate sound for half your budget.

Used: Linn LP12 table w/Valhalla power supply upgrade, Rega RB300 arm for $ 430! Leaves a lot of room for a cartridge and my hot tip of the day,

Used: Cotter turntable base w/springs. FOr $ 550, you get incredible isolation for any table, the Linn especially will benefit. I have never seen one up for sale before.

OK, don't say no one told you! My standard consulting fee consists solely of a "thanks, here's what I wound up getting and how it sounds.' :)
Prs123: Thanks very much for the advice. I'll sure 'pay' you the consulting fee after my set up is done :0) BTW, Do you mean Robert Hartley's "Guide to Hi End" (correction pls!) the one thick as a telephone directory has the ABC to analog?
Prs123 has said it all. He is very knowledgeable and his advice is sound. I've given him points and I think so should you. Robert Hartley is VERY useful and if you can hunt up old copies of TAS (The Absolute Sound) articles by Enid Lumley about tonearm and turntable setup are usefull as well. But as I recollect, Hartley covers it all just as well, so there is really no need to look much further. But picking the brain of an anolog dealer in your vicinity is an even better bet, I suppose. As your work is in progress and uncertainties should come up, don't hesitate to ask again. People here, as you have seen, are generally helpful.
Good luck and welcome to the fold of vinyl listening.
Spskan, here is a nice primer on table set up by Laura Dearborn:, Dan
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Dan, thanks a million. I've printed that out and will study them while taking a train. A good altenative to taking a nap.
Oops, sorry Detlof and Dan, I remember clearly rated "Great" on both your useful feedbacks but don't know how it turned out to be 2+2?! Forget that and you guys have my best ratings together with Prs123. Thanks.
I LOVE VINYL. I just bought a turntable two weeks ago. Spent a lot of time researching my options within my budget, and with the FUTURE in mind. Choices came down to a Sota Comet or the Technics SL-1200MK2 (the 'DJ' turntable, that is). Bought the Technics ($450). Ordered Cardas tonearm wire, a Sumiko headshell, Phoenix Gold interconnects and a JA Michell record clamp. This armored beast is going to see surgery...

This turntable can be modified to play 78s, can change headshells, balance and adjust vertical tracking quickly, can get a silicone fluid damping system for the tonearm, are able to clean your records on the platter, has great torque, great reliability, no belts to find after 10 years, free of rumble, pitch control, stylus light, can actually buy a service manual and parts with relative ease, etc.

As someone in audioreview posted, it has only one disadvantage: It doesn't say Rega.

If you want more info go to and/or

Yours in audio,
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Speaking of whores, why the h___ don't more turntable manufacturers acknowledge the vast library of 45's and 78's by including these options? Obsolete? Yeah, so was vinyl according to every idiot when the first excruciating CD players came out, and now I don't even want to think about the irreplacable albums that have come and gone over the years.And mind you, I own one of the offending products, an otherwise servicable Linn LP12. Serviceable that is, until my spouse wanted to play a classic 45 she rediscovered in our mutual collection. I had no plausible answer for her Sondek sniping. So, psychicman, tell cornfedboy to stick a cob in it. Keep in mind, I only pick on people I like. :)
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No need to fight back or ask for that insult to be removed. It's for all to see who is who...

The Technics SL-1200MK2 is a great turntable. Sonically, it will never outperform a Linn Sondek. However, dollar for dollar, when modified this table is a record collector's dream. It is pretty much the only option available at the present moment.

I just ordered the service manual for mine last weekend and plan to start the modifications sometime in the next two weeks. I'll get the tonearm fluid damper once I move to my new place and install a decent MC cartridge. It will truly be a world class performer.

Peace to all.