Help needed to recover costs please

I ordered some cables to be made by a US manufacturer almost a year ago, cost around $650, paid via paypal (not an AudiogoN transaction, so hope it's ok to post about it?). The supplier originally said they were shipped 3 months later and supplied tracking no, but USPS apparently lost them. The supplier said they were fully insured and they would recover the cost and send me a refund, as I didn't want to wait further for the cables to be made again. After many, many emails from me chasing the supplier, including my agreeing to accept the cables as ordered rather than a refund, I still have no refund or cables.
Can anyone advise me how I can encourage them refund me or send the cables please? PayPal don't want to know as it is outside their 3 month window. I'm prepared to pay a local (US) lawyer to write a letter to them if folk think that would help, though I'm worried the cost of any legal action will soon exceed what I'm trying to recover.
Please help/advise if anyone has similar experieince or ideas.
Dave (from UK)
Sometimes it's just better to let go - you are causing your self stress - going to a Lawyer is just a waste of money - a UK lawyer have no pull at a US court.

Paypal as usual is useless in solving any dispute although Im sure they took their fee immediately.

Of all the many transactions Ive done here on Audiogon only one turned sour - sold a set of Monster Cables to a "Healthedan" they were new unused cables - when he got them he claimed they were of slightly different length and that they were slightly different in color - after many and long exhausting emails I just gave the f****r his money back - he was such a decent person he kept the cables. MSRP cables $750 he "paid" $325 for them delivered.

Reading your story reminded me about this transaction - now I'm really going to let it go :-)

Best of luck and good listening

Thanks for your response. I do know what you mean about letting go, every time I think about it it makes my blood boil. Just seems so unfair that disreputable firms can effectively steal from you. It would be less of an issue if I was in the States as I could "pay a visit".
Maybe you could mention the company so the rest of us can avoid having the same thing happen to us.
Nmae the name of the company really Si one of the best ways to 'expidite' the fulfillment.
When a company has to face the wrath of the internet it might cause them to move on it. rather than be slaughtered in print on the web.
Mention their name on this site and any other audio sites you visit. Then send them an email requesting your money back with links to your posts.
Of course you'll be happy to provide updates to the original threads once the matter is resolved.
Before you mention their name let them know that you plan to broadcast their name and your experience with them. If they are an audiophile related manufacturer they most likely would not want the bad advertising on all audiophile forums. The bottom line is that if they insured this shipment with UPS and UPS hasn't paid they either owe you your money or a replacement item. You should not be held out waiting for them and UPS to settle, that is their not your dispute. But I beleive forewarning others about their business practices is a warranted courtesy. Be sure you have all your documentation in case they are selazy enough to attempt a liable suit. However that would cost more than a replacement item or refund.
If you tell them that you are willing to reveal their name to the Audiogon community you may get what you have been asking for.
Thanks guys. I have sent them an email with a link to this thread, so hopefully they will take it seriously. Real shame because their cables are excellent, already using some.
Dandy. Were you able to resolve this issue?
Well after another few emails of them "promising" to send some cables, I've reached the end of my patience.
The company is called WHITE ZOMBIE AUDIO, and they have taken $650 of my hard earned and delivered nothing but broken promises.

I would urge anyone thinking of buying from them to think again. I would be happy to forward on my email trail with them, which basically comprises a year's worth of them saying yeah, yeah we'll send them in a few days then nothing, no correspondence, no cables, no excuse.

If they do send the cables or a refund I would be happy to update this thread accordingly, but at the moment it's looking pretty grim. If anyone has a contact number for these I would be grateful to have it as I would like to speak to them directly to at least hear if they have any remorse.
Dandy, how did you hear of and what motivated you to purchase a product from White Zombie? I'm curious why people want to transact with, at least to me, a truly obscure company.

I'm sorry it didn't work out for you.
Never heard of them until now.

Hope you get some measure of satisfaction.

All the best,
Dandy, is your PayPal account linked directly to a bank account, or via a credit card? If through a credit card, I'm not sure what (if any) time limit applies to "charge-backs", but I'd definitely look into it!

I am sorry to hear about your problem. I may be able to point you in the direction of some help. Several years ago I had a problem with a seller on this site. After being unable to resolve it, I submitted a complaint IC3, an Internet Crime Complaint Center. I filled out the form and after a couple a weeks they put me in contact with someone from the Oklahoma Attourney Generals office. She eventually got me a partial refund after contacting the seller. I was surprised as anything. This may work for you.

By the way, the seller is located in Durant, OK.

I just bought some of their cables off ebay. I have to sign for them at the PO tomorrow. I had a difficult time getting the cables and they sent only after I filed a complaint with ebay. They accepted Paypal OK, but I never got an email confirming my order. I emailed after several days and they replied after a day or so. Said their shipment of silver had been delayed. Said they would ship with delivery confirmation within 3 days. A week later I emailed asking about order. No response after day and half, so I opened up ebay case. Within 3 hours, get apologetic email pleading heart problems, mailed next day express.

This sounds very fishy and convenient BS to me

If I had seen this thread, I would not have ordered from him. The ad on ebay says you are buying one of a lot, implying it's already built. Should have been no problem getting one. Another thing, this seller has tremendous positive feedback on ebay, but not very much in the past 6 months. That should have made me uneasy.

Anyway the cables are supposed good. I'll find out tomorrow when I make my trek to the post office. Hopefully they will at least be assembled correctly.
Did you pay through PayPal using a Credit Card?

If so, send a letter to your credit card company and request a chargeback, stating that the merchant took your money and never delivered the item. Further, that the merchant is now claiming that the item was lost by USPS and was insured for full value which they told you they would be filing a claim for.

So as of right now, the merchant has both your money, and money from the USPS for the lost item, which appears potentially to be to be wire fraud.

As such, because the merchant has received a double-payment, a chargeback would put you and merchant back to the same position prior to your attempted purchase.

If you used Paypal via a cash transfer, your only recourse might be to file a complaint of Wire Fraud with the FTC, FBI, and USPS Postal Inspector.

Also, I’m not an attorney, and never played one on TV. The reader will fully assume the risk for any and all of the preceding. Your mileage may vary.
Good luck in getting your money back. I can imagine how you feel.
My advice would be for the future. Surely any cable a reasonable person could desire can be found at Amazon, J&R, Crutchfield, Music Direct, Audio advisor or even Best Buy! Stick with the tried and true. The Cable and wire business, attracts crooks like some things attract flies.
I tried a single silver balanced cable and liked it (home made). I did a search to see who made silver balanced cable and found White Zombie, I liked the price and they looked good quality. I ordered quite a bit (about $1200 worth) which was delivered (albeit after 3 months) and I have been using it happily since. This latest order that went bad was additional cable - I had no reason to doubt they would not deliver.

I paid through bank account not credit card unfortunately.
Thanks for the tip, I'll look into it. If you do get your cables, chances are you'll like them as I did mine, shame their morals aren't the same quality.