Help needed, speaker cable - must R & L be the same length?

Hi, I enjoy reading through the daily discussions so I will add one myself, actually a couple of questions. I`m bi-amping from mono A class amps into 8 Ohm speakers. My TT and system is in a corner of one room adjacent to the room in which the speakers are, accessible through a double door, so they are well sheltered.
The speaker cables run through a hole in the wall between the two rooms. The far right speaker needs approx 5 meters, (15 feet of cable), the left 3 meters (9 feet). So that I can afford the best, I thought of getting two different lengths.
I`ve been researching the Audioquest Rocket 33, (could I use one length for bi-amping?) or the QED Genesis Silver Spiral Speaker Cable. Again any suggestions most appreciated.
Thanks in anticipation.
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Five meters vs. three meters: As the French chef said " No diffawrance"!
Quite roberjerman. Most people say that you should use equal lengths for both channels everywhere. This is expensive and leaves a lot of curled up wire around. As long as the wires are specified to operate well at the longest lengths and overall kept as short as possible you will be fine. You want to run the largest gauge you can afford. Check out Kimber Kable. If you are handy with a soldering Iron Kimber will sell you rolls of their best wire (8 gauge) and you can terminate them yourself saving lots of money. 
The next time you look at amplifiers you might want to consider balanced monoblocks  as placing them behind the speakers and running long signal cables an very short speaker wires is an advantage.
+1 mijostyn! Though I think that 8 ga is overkill!