Help needed regarding purchase of Amp Stands.

I've stuck my toe into the world of Monoblocks, and because my current shelving dictates the amps will "live" on the floor I need to buy a pair of amp stands.

Can the forum please share it's knowledge re what to look for in a pair of quality stands. Brand recommendations welcome, too. Thanks.
check out adona racks here on agon. I am a satified adona customer. their racks are adaptable to any situation and prices are reasonable.
I use monoblocks and have them on solid oak stands with cones coupling each stand to the floor. Looks great and works well. They are available from multiple sources such
as timbernation.
I have a tube amp that sits on an SRA stand specifically designed for the amp, and it makes a big difference. (My wife immediately concurred, upon hearing it.) I was lucky enough to find it here -- the SRA stands can be a little pricey. I am a satisfied owner.

Good luck.
I personally use HRS stands:

Others have reported good results with Sistrum stands:
And others have reported good results with Critical Mass stands, though pricey.
I know they are overpriced, but I am extremely happy with my purchase of a Mapleshade 4 inch amp block. They provide feet for it, which really do wonders.
I have had great success with Sound Anchors amp stands on my VTL tube monoblocks, as well as a Levinson 333 solid state stereo amp.
The improvement in sonics was nothing short of astonishing with the tube amps. I just received the stands about a month ago and I am still amazed -- greater clarity overall; smoother highs, tighter stronger bass. I can't say enough about the improvements.
When I had the Levinson, there was a substantial improvement in those areas as well, not as dramatic as the tube amps, but still significant. I felt that I would not want to listen to my system with the Levinson without the Sound Anchors stand after hearing it with the stand.
Bob, the Sound Anchors owner, is a true audiophile and manufactures a high quality product. They are not cheap, but the investment is well worth it.
Consider the Machina Dynamica Promethean springs and get your own wood sandwiches locally. Very reasonable cost and extremely effective. Moreso than many other exotic ($$$) approaches that I've tried. Currently I am using this set up under my CD player and power conditioner
The Grand Prix Monaco stands noticeably improved my Lamms' sonics, and are purty to boot.
I've been experimenting with amp isolation for quite a while. I don't know that there is any one answer that fits all needs, although I hear the Grand Prix is the best out there, pricey though.

When listening to various isolation components I first listen for any dampening effect. No one can tell you how much or little dampening you may want, experimentation is necessary. Your choice will also be largely dictated by whether your floor is suspended or on a slab. If it is suspended I would first find a way to mass load the floor where amps will be located, I use massive slabs of concrete (fireplace threshold). I've also heard that jack stands supporting the floor directly underneath stands works well. Equipment racks that are spiked directly into a suspended floor are compromised greatly.
I have been using Finite Elemente Pagode Master Reference amp stands with excellent results.

Those, with GPA, SRA and Critical Mass are the top tier in amp stands.
Personally, I love the low profile nature of the Sistrum stands. They sit very discretely underneath my amps without adding too much visual impact.
Thank you for your recommendations. With them in hand I did a little research/looking and have decided to try the Sistrum stands.

I think that they'll fit well in my current set-up and I'm looking forward (expectantly) to enjoying the sonic benefits of the principles behind the design of these stands.

BTW, I had the opportunity to speak with Robert, the owner of Star Sound, after I had made my purchase with one of his resellers. Nice guy, and quietly passionate about his work.

Again, thank you for your recommendations.
Congrats Dante7. Which Sistrum stands did you get?

I ordered a pair of the SP-004 for a pair of Arcam P1's. I should have the stands by this weekend.
I got five amp stands,the one is a Billy Bags Design Pro,the other four are DIY and let me say they are great.

Let us know what you think of the Sistrum Sp-004 when they settle in.