Help Needed (please) From Aurender N100H User


I bought a used N100H a while back and I have a very basic question. The previous owner had an account with Tidal and I do not. In fact, my wireless network does not have Internet access, so I'm just using the Aurender to playback from internal storage, NAS, USB.
The problem is, when I select either 'song' 'artist' 'album' 'genre' from the top-level menu, then select 'random play', it pulls in Tidal Streaming tracks into the tracks queued for play. Then when the track comes up for playback, since there's no Internet, it crashes the Aurender!

How do I stop Aurender from attempting to pull in tracks from Tidal or any other streaming service?

If I go to 'settings' > 'Streaming', then the previous owner's email and password are in there under the Tidal tab. I remove those but it won't stick. So next time I go to the streaming tab they're back in there. I've hit 'Logout' on the Tidal tab 100 times but it doesn't do anything. 

Any help would be much appreciated!


It probably needs to be connected to the internet in order to log out of Tidal 
Try what djones51 suggested or do a factory reset in which case you will need to back up files currently on N100 hard drive. 
You can always reach out to Aurender help desk - [email protected] 
OK, Thanks, guys.
I think a factory reset is what I'll do if there's no simple way to stop showing Tidal tracks.