Help needed on Wadia W16 CDP

My beloved Wadia W16 CDP has died. Can any one point me to the right direction to get hold of a schematic diagram for the Digital DAC and Analogue output board please.

My unit is the later version made in 1997 I think.

Yes, I have already tried Wadia Digital. The couldn't help.

Great R2R multibit machine, I have no service manual for this one, but first off what’s it doing or not doing?
As it’s getting old and I hope it not the laser. As this Sony laser now is like rocking horse s**t to find new.

WADIA 16 4 x PCM1702-K dacs

CS8412-CP reciever

VRDS CMK-3.2 transport mech

Sony KSS-151A laser.

If it is something in the analog output stage, it looks easy to get at everything for measuring from the 4 x PCM1704 dacs (with red dot on them) back to the rca and xlr sockets. You can click on this image when it loads for super high rez

Cheers George

Thanks George.

There is a short on the board that drags the 5V supply down in the digital area. At first thought there could be a shorted bypass cap on the 5V line  but have removed the lot proven wrong .
Suspect LDSP1400F ICs made by Logical in the digital volume control. Need the circuit to bypass that section.

there is place on the net that has all sorts of electronics service manuals - Google should pop it up for you, tho i may not have anything for a high end small unit volume manf. ...

Good Luck