Help needed on a solid state amp??

I have a pair of NHT classic four's and i am looking for a good solid state. I am torn between the Plinius 8200 MKII and the Krell Kav 400Xi. I have read great reviews on both. Any suggestions??
I've not owned the Krell, however, I can vouch for the excellent value of the 8200 MKII on the used market.
I'd go with the Plinius form what I've heard and read. I've seen some negative opinions of Krell not many on Plinius.
Plinius again the price is lower, the sound is all there.
I had the Plinius - it will be warmer (in a good way).

I would recommend that you also look at a McCormack DNA-1 for about $700 used. Smoother than the Plinus, IMO.