Help needed from ACI Titan owners?

I'm about to make the plunge into buying my first subwoofer - for my electrostatics (Final 0.4's) After reading many posts, I decided on The Force from ACI. I called them asking about how one goes about hooking up both for 2 channel and HT. The rep seemed to be very unsure of the answer - enough for me to even question buying the sub at all. My impression is that the sub is for 2 ch only and would be compromised if used for both. He did say that it has the same hookups as the Titan LE II. So, I would greatly appreciate it if some ACI Titan owners can help fill in the blanks. Thanks!
You may want to go with an REL sub instead. Performance, support, manual, etc is great. You want have any problems hooking it up.
I own both a pair of Titan IIs and a Force. Great subs. To equal the performance of a Force with a Rel will cost you about double. Yes I've heard them head-to-head.
The Force has the same hookups as the Titan II. Three line-level inputs. Left-Theater-Right. It comes with speaker level adapters that you can use (RCA on one end, tinned speaker wire on the other). Hookup is very simple. From the sounds of it you want to hook it to two different systems. So, the sub output of your HT processor goes to the Theater input on the Force. Your two channel rig goes to the left right inputs. Adjust HT volume with your processor, and adjust the two channel volume with the control on the Force. I don't know why the ACI fellow couldn't answer this for you, I've always found them very helpful. Maybe they didn't understand your question. If I haven't filled in the blanks, let me know, I'll try to help.
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