Help needed fro Accuphase owners

I have just received a DP55V CDP, great sounding unit, I have had some other CDP (Wadia, Metronome, Proceed) and left them ON all the time, but not sure about this one since I bought it used wo/manual.

Please advise

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no need to
Its should be o.k to leave your cd player on unless u are
going on vacation for a few days/weeks.
Leave it on unless your going away for more then a few days.
No problem! I leave my DP-75V on all of the time.
I dont leave it on.
Seurat, just curious...why don't you leave your Accuphase on all of the time?
Thanks, I will leave it on just as any good CDP
I think the main thing is "Does it make the sound better by leaving your cd player on ?"

Maybe u can try it out yourself ?

My personal opinion is "Its doen't matter".
I think maybe its will make a difference for amp but for cd player, I doubt so.

But for safety reason, its wise to shut down your electricity if away for days or weeks.
Thanks all for your responses.

Based on the above, I will turn it on and off and enjoy it.