HELP NEEDED Does anybody know how to get an Oppo 105 to lock onto DVD-A?

It is connected to my Audio Alchemy DDP-1 in both balanced (for SACD) and Coax. When I try to play DVD-As it only plays a short burst, and that softly
BTW, I do not have a screen to go to settings
The 105 is probably set to Bitstream not pcm output...if its an older DAC go into the 105 menu and limit the digital output to 24/96 and drop outs should go away
I'm 73 next week you old dog, you can do this, if you care to. 
Thank you
At 73, Im not savvy enough to go through all that. Fortunately, I have mostly SACDs
you need to move it to a screen to see the menu, and internet. restore defaults, then update via internet.

now menu dive, download the manual ...