Help needed considering used CD player...Please?

I was all set to purchase an AUDIO AERO Prima cd player. I have run into some financial troubles, so am looking to buy a used player instead.
I do not have the opportunity to hear any of these players, so am looking for any advice I can get.
My amp: Hafler Xl-600 Preamp: Audio Research SP9 MkII Speakers: Klipsch Forte II's or Klispch KLF30's, I switch between.
Anyway, I am considering the following three players:
Cary 308 ss player, Theta Miles Balanced version, or an EAD Ultradisk 2000.

Looking for a warm, not to bright player with good bass.
I listen to mainly very loud Rock'n Roll.

Any suggestions or thoughts really be appreciated.

Thank you.
You may also want to check out the Jolida players, very nice and I think may have the sound you are looking for. These are tubed units and can be found used here on audiogon at a good price.