Help needed, CD/DVD-A player, future of DVD-A???

I own a MUSE cd/dvd player (9 signature), which sounds excellent on redbook cd's. I am considering an upgrade to the model 10, which is supposed to (slightly) better the 9 signature on redbook cd, but offers the ability to play DVD-A, but not SACD. My personal belief is that audio discs will be eventually consolidated into some form of DVD due to the groundswell of home theatre integration. However, I have been reading about "blue light (?)" DVD players, and a new format with shallower impressions on the discs, etc. I would be happy without SACD if there will eventually be a suitable amount of DVD-A software available, but so far that is not the case.
I would appreciate you opinions as to whether the upgrade is a poor choice at this time, due to the uncertainty of DVD-A?

Thanks for any help! - Tim
just speculating, but i think that the future of both hi rez formats are uncertain at this time, although i feel that sacd has the upperhand with more software and hardware. i also believe that both formats will survive for the foreseeable future.

don't know how much the muse costs, but have you considered a universal player from pioneer, marantz, or especially denon which has 3 well regarded players at good price points in conjuction with your current muse to get your feet wet.

aloha keith