Help! Need tube preamp to finish system.

I've been working on putting together a good stereo system for about 2+ years now and would like opinions/advice on what I consider to be maybe THE MOST important part of a good rig; the preamp. My system consists of the following starting with the front ends: Sonic Frontiers SFCD-1, Ah! Tjoeb 99', Sim Audio P-4001 class A linestage w/external power supply, Marchand XM126-2AA vacuum tube crossover w/external power supply, McIntosh MC275 for bass duties, Mesa Baron for the stats, Kinergetics SW800 subs and Martin Logan CLS II's. Discovery powercords (where able) and DH Labs interconnects and speaker cables throughout. I don't need any suggestions of pre's with processor loops as I already have a decent rig for the HT thing. All advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, March

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I have nothing to sell you, but I love the AtmaSphere MP-3. The Atma MP-1 is certainly more detailed, but a chunk more money new. The MP-3 gets it right.