Help Need tone ctrl on a reference integrated

I may be asking the impossible - Does anyone have a recomendation on how to get tone control for my speakers while using an Albarry PP-1 Reference integrated? It doesn't have main-ins or pre-ins. I live in a condo and, for my next door neighbor's sake, I must turn the bass down @ night. Can I buy an external crossover and bi-pass the internal in my thiel CS 2's? This Albarry sounds soooo cool that I hate to sell it...I need to control bass though and i've already spent a fortune adding drywall to my walls to deaden the transfer between units. I've also bought 2 other good integrateds since buying this Albarry and I hate them all! any pointers would be appreciated greatly
You need a high pass filter somewhere in the chain. You could:

A. modify the existing crossovers and use switches to put them back to stock for full range

B. get an equalizer and run your source through it before it goes into the integrated

C. put a high pass filter at the input to the integrated. Same idea as the equalizer but simpler. It is something you could make with a few dollars worth of parts from Radio Shack, and if it did what you wanted you could upgrade to better parts. You could either use a switch to bypass it or remove it when you want to run full range.

I'm sure these would compromise the sound in more ways than just lowering the bass level, but it would work.
I think you can run tone controls through you tape montior. The lin level outs are hooked to an externa tone control which is then hooked into you tape in. I think musical fidelity has X series extenal tone controls. An equalizer coul be hooked up the same way. Then you can turn the tone controls on and off by flipping the tape monitor switch
Thanks to both Herman and Rgcards! I'll definitely look into all your suggestions...I really like the idea of plugging a tone control into the tape monitor, and i'll definitely run to Radio Shack and look into getting a high pass filter of some sort. With the tape monitor set-up...would I keep my source inputs the same or would I plug the source into the tape monitor input as well? ie, would I have to plug my source into the same input as the external tone control??
No you don't have to reroute your sources. I took yhe liberty of looking at the pictur you have posted, just leave tour source dial to whatever you want and turn the source, tape dial to tape. This takes what ever source is on the source dial , routes it through th tape outputs and then out to the speakers. It s for taping LP's or cd s. The switch lets you compare what is being put on tape with your source. However you don't have a tape deck, you can put any thing that can take inputs and gives outputs into there and do the same thing. There some cheap equalizers on this site. I doubt they will be as transpaerent a the x tone but they are cheap. Equalizers usually have their owm tape monitor if you run a tapedeck. Some old integrateds use to bypass the preamp altogether with the tapeouts (ie direct from source) so you could even hook upa whole other integrated to power ascond set of speakers. I doubt that there are many of those that are stilli n circulation.
Thanks Rgcards *again*...I contacted the one Musical Fidelity distributor in N. America and he wasn't familiar with a tone control made by them...i'm gonna keep on looking though. Your responses have made my day, thanks!!
Rgcards, can I use one of my other integrated amps as the equalizer/tone control you recomend using? I'd have the tape 2 out on the Albarry going into the main-in on my '80 Marantz 1122 dc (fully restored) then a cable from the pre-out on the marantz into the tape 2 in on the Albarry.
Am I close? It'd be awesome if this works..I like both pieces a lot.
Mattcecil, regarding the Musical Fidelity tone control: it's called the X-Tone, as part of their X-series, a serie of equipment built into tube-like, metal casings. It isn't made anymore, but they appear every now and then secondhand. The link to the product is:

I think, if you can find one, this is just what you need, and it looks gorgeous to..
Thanks Satch! I looked all over MF's site but couldn't find anything current...its a bit strange that the only distributor in N. America (listed on the site anyway) wasn't familiar with this, but then again it may be an old product...I will try and hunt one down.

Do you know if, for the time being, I can use an integrated amp with tone controls to do the same thing but running the tape 2 monitor into the main ins and pre-outs the other integrated??
Yes, that would probably work, although I think the sound will deteriorate from adding an extra amp. And you'll also have two volume pots in the chain, which won't do any good. If the sound is unbearable without tone control, wouldn't it be better to use the other integrated as your main amp, and as soon as you've found a suitable tone control, use your 'real' amp again?
I second the suggestion to put an equalizer in the tape loop. For optimum sound that is the most expensive solution, a high quality EQ and 2 sets of interconnects, but it is definitely the easiest and most convenient to switch in and out.