HELP Need to reconnect and lost instructions.

I am changing equipment to entertainment center and left all connects in the receiver , unpluging from the sources.Then I forgot frim where the following were unplugged .

Problems : 1) connecting back to VCR. There is one set from receiver(audio left and right/video labeled IN and one set OUT. Does the IN from the receiver connect to the OUT on the VCR and the OUT from the receiver to the IN on the VCR ? 2) The coaxil from the TV - does it go to the VCR VIDEO OUT or VIDEO IN ?
3) The subwoofer connection to the receiver goes where if there is no Subwoofer ID on the receiver ?

Thanks for any help you can give.
For your VCR, the OUT of the VCR goes to the IN on reciever.
Then the Video OUT on Reciever goes to TV IN.

From the Coax, go from wall IN to the VCR, Then go OUT from VCR to your TV.
If your reciever has no "SUB PRE-OUT" then it will most likely hook up to the Left and Right speakers along with your front speakers.
If it does have a sub pre-out hook it up to that (this would mean your subwoofer is self you plug your subwoofer into the wall?
hope this helps
Thanks , yes the sub is powered. The connection may be identified as "low pass" on the receiver . should be all set...happy listening
It is working fine. Thanks for your help. One more question, please.

My 65 Klipsh sub was fine for my small basement room but not for my new open family room. Should I put a splitter on the low-pass receiver outlet and add a 2nd sub (if so, how do I adjust the settings and what size for the 2nd) or scrap the very good(tight) 65 watter and use a large single ? Any suggestions on brand.
You could get a larger sub and still split it, use the small one maybe in the back of the room and large in front, it may give you more dynamic slam, do you have the sub in the corner (where it works best?)
I would look into getting a more powerful 12 inch sub say 200 watts may be enough that you will no longer need the lil sub, I have mine next to my listening position and love the results...maybe put yours back there to try and see if you will like it enough to not spend any money. I have a HSU Research sub and like it alot, also I have had Definitive tech and liked it also, If you love music make sure you get a sealed sub with no port, those are the tightest in bass response...if you need big boom for movies....your options are wide open!
Thanks again. I have read some of your posts. Very helpful to those of us who love the hobby but do not know much.

The small sub is in a corner. I have read AVS some and the sealed sub is popular there. I was tempted today at Tweeter's when I saw the Mirage Omni 12 reduced from $799 to $499 but it is ported.

AVS posters really love SVS and Hsu.
Email me if ya ever wanna ask anything, always glad to help