Help need to chose DAC

I am new to DAC I am looking for dynamic, musical, analog full sound DAC to go with Mephisto II cd. Any info will be greatly appreciated it. Does the new Wadia is more musical and analog sound? I had heard the old wadia dac they are very analytical and dry sounding.
if you want Musical, try old product, Sonic Frontiers SFD2MKII. I am sure you will love it.

Otherwise, DAX2 SE.
The Audio notes are very musical IMHO
I agree with the Audio Note. But if you don't want a tube DAC, try the Birdland DAC. Very smooth, detailed in a non-digital way. This is a musical DAC.
Try the Kora Hermes and Audio Note before you decide. Both of these are very good at their price points.

Good Listening,
thanks for the info, been doing some research and noticed there is a lot of good thing regarding kora hermes and audio note, at what model should I get? also any one heard or compard with chord dac.