Help Need speakers for Peachtree Audio Nova 125

Hi everyone,

I just purchased a Peachtree Audio Nova 125 here, and am about to pull the trigger on a recent pair of Magnepan MMGs as well.

Before I purchase the MMGs, I want to get your informed opinions on the best speakers for my integrated amp.

My room is large (at least 30x20x12), with a large bay window, no treatments but lots of rugs.

My musical tastes are quite varied, from classical to reggae, but mostly Contemporary Jazz and classic/pop rock.

I like my music rather loud at times, but also at moderate levels when I am alone and wanting to focus on the performance.

As I will need to export my setup some time in the near future, size is also a factor... sniff...

Thanks for your advice and related experiences.

Oh... if I get the MMGs, I also plan to buy one or two subwoofers to assist in the lower frequencies. Something like REL T5/SVS SB12-NSD. What do you think?

My budget for the speakers is around 1000$, or 500$ x 2 for good used subs. Makes any sense?

Regards to all

Will the Peachtree have enough power to push the MMGs to their potential at high volumes? Will you need to add separate amplification?
I'm with Tigrisham, don't those MMGs require a lot of power? Not that the Peachtree's 125 is anything to sniff at - that's enough power for a lot of rooms. But some speakers are power hogs, and I think many (all?) of the Maggies fall into that category. Lots of Magnepan fans here, I'm sure they'll chime in.

Peachtree's USB asynch implementation is great - you're going to like the ESS Dac in that Nova. I went the same way as you, everything in one box, so convenient and easy.

In speakers, I see great stuff all the time (on CL, here in the classifieds, or "blemished" models) that you can pick up for $1000 or less. Zu Audio, Quad 21L/22L series, Audio Physik, not to mention new speakers like Wharfedale Diamond, Paradigm, Polk Audio you can get for under $1K. I also think the B&W 603 or 604 would sound great with the Peachtree in a big room, especially with rock music. And the nice thing about the $1K price level is that even if you get some speakers, and just don't like them, you can throw 'em up on CL and go try something else. Especially the B&W - they have great resale, I've traded in and out of those without losing a penny, they do so well on the secondary market. So don't agonize too much about this decision - it's fun to try different things anyway! (too many variables involved to say that any one speaker is the "best" with your amp, which is why I threw out several good options for you to look around for and try to audition).
That's a very cost effect setup. Sounds like a good plan.

I see the Peachtree spec at 125w/ch 8Ohm, >200 4 OHM, Class D.

Should fo a nice job on paper.

Anyone know what Class D amp modules the Peachtrees use now or any other key aspects of its design in regards to power supply, Bandwidth, etc?

THis is first I heard of Peachtree hybrid with Class D amp. Very nice!

Also asynch USB, reclocking for low jitter, and on/off switchable tube buffer

VEry nice! This would seem to have hit all the right buttons on paper for a mere $1500. THis could well represent the future of high end audio but with more mass appeal. I'd be pressed to see how this cannot sound quite good. Something I would consider myself whereas older Peachtree hybrids were nice but power amp sections in particular not their strong suit.