Help Need Recommendation on Amp Configuration

Have a Marantz 2230.

Problem #1-- have two TT (Technics 1600MKII and 1650 stacker)
in addition to CD player

Problem #2 Want to use speakers that require 90+ watts RMS.

Know I can use a pre-amp on one TT and plug into tape or aux jack. Other TT into phono jack.

What kind of amp configuration would you recommend so I can use 2230 for radio and TT(?) and still run higher power speakers.

Money is an issue. Call this an Audiophile Intro set-up....thanks
Simply do not play it LOUD.
The small amp you own is fine as long as you do not try to play it really loud.
I would say loud as talking loud is ok. But as loud as shouting would be too loud..
(ust trying to give you an idea..)
As long as you are not overloading the small amp you now have.. you CAN use it to play music.
Normal listening levels use only a few watts.
PS the more strong bass the music has, the quieter you would want to play it. As the bass needs the most power.
Music with very little bass.. like a string quartet you could play pretty loud.
You hit nail on head.

I play music at low volume levels.
Want enough power that is still sounds great
at 25% of volume--loud talking!

Have been told that with the 30wpc need to stick to speakers with 90dcb efficiency or will lose the sweet spot.

Was thinking about B&W 650s and they are right at 90 (ones only audiophile store in town recommends and No jack for a subwoofer on the old 2230.
Hence, my uncertainty....
I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the 2230. I drove Dahlquist DQ-10's with mine and I think they are 89 db efficient. You don't say how big the room is - my room at that time was about 12x 14 and it would get plenty loud.