Help Need new speakers.

I have a set of 1986 ADS L1290 speakers run by an outlaw prepro and a earthequake Cinenova grand amp.I am considering new speakers because none of my surround speakers, nor my center channel are ADS. Atfer much research I am confused as where to start looking. I figure speakers in the $3000 to $4000 range for the mains would be a good place to start. I have a room that is about 20'x25 with 10' ceilings.Any suggestions would be appreciated.
It's important that the main left & right speakers have the same voicing as the center channel. The surrounds are less critical in this respect. Assuming you're committed to keeping your center channel, I'd suggest if possible using the same brand for your main left & right speakers.
Take a look at Aerial Acoustics 7b with the CC3B center channel - I loved the sound of the mains for music, and the combination for movies is exceptional. Also check out Von Schweikert, and Source Technologies --- many many others but those are the three I know best.
Best of Luck