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Ok, one of these days I'll get around to typing my story, "The Making of an Audio/Videophile". Or at least as best as I can afford. Alright, here's my setup, and basically what I'm looking for is info on wiring. I have a Denon 5700, RCA 5500 DVD(and Raite 715), RCA 725 SVHS, RCA 480 AC3 Satellite Receiver, Equalizer/Spectrum Analyzer(light show), RCA 56" smooth screen, Infinity Overture 3's, CC3 Center, QPS1 rears, 200 watt 15" sub, and cheap monster cable. WHAT CABLES SHOULD I GET? I don't have a lot of money (at least not after buying all the other stuff), but I'd like better cable. I'm looking probably at 3 sets .5 meter rca's, and 2 sets 1 meter, 2 .5 meter S-Video, 1 1 meter S-Video, 1 2 meter S-Video, 1 4-5 meter sub rca's, and probably speaker wire. The interconnects definately have to go, as with the cheap sub wire. The front speaker wire is some stuff I got from one of our wholesalers, don't remember what brand it was, it's 12 gauge microstrand, every strand is silver plated, good? And I'm running a Monster Power HTS 2000, good? As far as power cords go I'm running standard on everything. I just looked and the Denon 5700, and the DVD have removeable power cords. The Denon has a computer style, and the DVD has a small flat style. I'd like to keep all the wire the same brand, but I guess that's not priority. I'll be glad to hear anyones opinions/suggestions to get this budding phile up to speed. Thanks, Ken.
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I'v got a decent entry/mid level system like yours and I mainly use Tributaries cable. SP4 speaker wire $4/ft w/out terminations SCA300 1m interconnects about $90 and DCA100 stereo connections about $50. The also make S-video cables but they are kinda pricey, I just use monster Component Video and Monster S-video. Check the website -
I've tried alot of S-video cables in my satellite system and without any doubt the Tributaries SCV-S silver gives the best overall performance. The colors are very rich, the detail is outstanding. They render a brighter picture than many others also. The Monster cables are warmer giving a good quality picture but lack the vividness of the Tributares. I've also tried the Synergistic Research Silver, Transparent Audio and XLO. Tributaries beats them all for video reproduction
I agree, In the price range you are looking at, Tributaries would be an excellent choice. If you pick a certain brand there is usually synergy to using the same brand throughout the system. Especially the audio signal cables. Good Luck!
GR8, PLEASE READ THIS...MIT Terminator 2 interconnect (Terminator 4 for the sub), Terminator 3 speaker cable, and Z-Cord II power cord (with 15A IEC connector...I don't know if you can get one with a DVD two prong connector. I guess you could have it modded). Get all of this USED, and get a used Chang Lightspeed 6400 power conditioner. Look for used ASC room treatments...Read "The Complete Guide to Highend Audio", especially if you listen to music more than watching movies...
caLL the cable company.they are the best for this kind of questions.215-2978824
I agree with Adsal, check with the cable company. My own input is tht both kimber and XLO make good relatively inexpensive caables of all sort. i would check on the Kimber PBJ or Silver Streak and perhaps 8TC single or double run. See if you can't get a home trial since it is trribly important how they sound with your system. Yours, Joshua