Help -- need Idiot's Guide to music server system

Squeezebox, FLAC, Mac Mini, lossy, lossless -- help, what does all this mean? I'm trying to find out more about taking a CD collection onto hard drive music server. Can anyone recommend a Beginner's Guide, whether online or in print? I'm not completely computer illiterate but I can't figure out the basic hardware needed. My main interest is not to broadcast music wirelessly to different rooms but to get a thousand-plus CDs into some more convenient and secure data storage system without loss of CD audio quality -- can it be done, and with what? If you can point me to an Idiot's Guide, I'd appreciate it.

If it matters, my current system (set up in a small listening room) is a Naim Nait 5i amp and Naim CD5i-2 player driving a pair of Spendor S3/5s. The rest of the room is filled with CDs. Thanks.
Martykl - I ended up with Benchmark as well. A little unforgiving with class D amp and inexpensive speakers (that I intend to replace). New releases are often better and some of them have surprisingly rounded sound. Sadly many recording engineers don't care and I have quite a few CDs to prove it. We will switch to music servers, I believe, just for the practicallity of it. For the same reason I avoid LPs - too much hassle and not enough new releases. Server might even make me less dependant on format (new CODE 24/96 etc). There is nothing wrong, for instance, if you play old and poorly recorded music you cherish on MP3/4.
There are paid services where you send your CDs and they do the ripping for you at the cost of roughly $1 per CD.

The disks are susceptible to failures. It's just a matter of when. You really want all the data backed up, otherwise when the disks fail the data will be lost. I would buy external disks with RAID 1 or RAID 5 feature. Those RAID disk arrays can withstand single disk failure.
I am dealer and sell many of these systems I let you try them out
by the way Hi have the same spendors The biggest thing music servers have is conveniance. Just make sure the server supports a lossless format and has the ability to buy music from the internet