help need choosing betweewn Aragon 8008st/ bb

I am a student on a budget and would like to know if its worth spending the extra money for the Aragon 8008bb. Is there a big difference in prefromace as compared to the aragon 8008st.Any help truley appreciated. CJ.
I would say get the 8008bb. The difference is noticeable on the right system. The amp is amazing for it price, especially used. Check out the classifieds here for some great deals.
What else is in your system, especially your pre amp? The 8008bb is fully balanced - it has twice the circuitry of the 8008st. If you don't have a fully balanced pre amp to use with it, you'll just insert the supplied jumpers & use the single ended (RCA) input jacks. It also has two power tranformers instead of the one in the 8008st. If you have hard to drive speakers, you might need/want the 8008bb.
I own a 4004MKII - the predecessor to the 8008 series, it has two transformers like the 8008bb, but has single ended inputs, like the 8008st. Thats fine with me, I'm using it in my video system where my processor/pre amp is single ended anyway.
Post the rest of your current/wish system, you'll get input from members who've lived with the components & intermatched them.

p.s. there is a camp that says you can't have too much power, & another camp that says don't make the system any bigger/more complicated than you have to..
This should start a debate...
Thank you all for the rapid responce,as suggested I will list current gear and what gear I would like to have. I have a sunfire theater grand II processor and a rotel rb-976 amp . The rotel drives a pair of kef reference two speakers. I want to upgrade my amp first and then I would like to move up,to the kef reference model four. My interest started about two years ago with home theater being the main area of interest. Today I find my self leaning towards two channel audio or possibly a fusion of the best of both world's. cj
Having owned both KEF speaker (107.2's) and Aragon stuff (24K pre/4004 MkII) I can tell you that I didn't like them together. Both are fairly bright, together they were fatiging. I tried different cables to tone it down, but it still was harsh in the high end. I'd go with something a little smoother, say a Proceed amp2 or HPA2, or if you can afford it, go Mark Levinson. It will really help smooth out the high end of the KEF's.
Cj I can only pass on the opinion I've heard from others, that the BB is more amp than the ST both powerwise & soundwise.