Help Need CD player for about 2k to 3k

There are a lot of good CD players out there but with my system of BAT VK5i, Bryston 4BST and Martin Logan ReQuests I am trying to fit the right one in. So far my choices have been the BAT VKD5 & SE, Wadia 850, Meridian 508.24. Your opinions are very appreciated. Thanks

Dave Simpson
I use a YBA CD Integrale with my BAT30, Classe 8, Quest Z's. Very warm, musical CDP. Highly recommended
The Electrocompaniet ECM I is a great player that can be gotten used for usually 2500-2800.
EMC1 is an excellent choice but I feel that the Meridian 508.24 is slightly more detailed but lack the lushness of the EMC1.
I own both the BAT VK-D5 and the Meridian 508.20. Both are excellent CD Players that you should listen to. Wadia recently announced their new Wadia 831 (~$3,000)that should be considered. There are no magic answers to audio selection. Take your favorate CD's, go listen and borrow ones that sound very good for you to try at home in your own system. cheers.....
It's a tie for me between the EMC-1 and YBA 3. Both are very nice players.
Cary 303 is also fine...check them out at Upscale Audio website.
look for a Naim 3.5 with separate power supply (flatcap)
i ve owned one for a year now and love it. very musically and revealing. you can find this combo used for about $2K
Would give a used Audio Research CD 7.5 or CD 8 a listen.Auditioned several Melco Music Server with Dac's and still preferred my CD 7.5.Good luck.
Naim, YBA and Electrocomp are very good recommendations in that price range.

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