Help need an integrated amp for Tannoy Stirling

I am currently using a Sansui AU-717 to amplify my Tannoy Prestige Stirling SE speakers. The sound is characterized by listener fatigue and is a little bit like a scream. Before these speakers, I had Totem Hawk and the sound was OK, maybe not a very full sound but very listenable and enjoyable. Before I listened almost always an analog source LENCO L 70 modified plint and now I like to listen to more cd because of that. I'm sad because I don't like the sound anymore.
The Tannoy I bought them new and now they have about 200 hrs. Any thoughts about these, or other amps using the Tannoy Stirling speakers?
Thank you very much,
Let them break in for another 200 hours and get a tube integrated amp which will ameliorate any "screaming." More break-in alone may help. What is your price point to purchase a different integrated and what are your other components -- cartridge cable, step up, etc?
Around 3000-3500$ for used integrated amp.
Cartridge is Micro Acoustics MA630 and the phonopreamp is Threshold FET 10/pc with Lustre GST-801 arm. Before these speakers I has the same configuration.
try a Viva audio Preciso or Solista LT is amazing with Tannoy prestige series.
Manley Stingray.
Hi Porto. I would 2nd the Manley Stingray as recommended by Face.
Although I have never heard the Tannoy Sterling.
My buddies Stingray was a synergistic match with my Tannoy Westminsters....very impressive indeed.
Agree with Aronsss. Tannoy DCs require a long break-in period. When first I heard my Tannoys, I feared I had made an expensive mistake. I played them round the clock for a month before they began to sing.

Also, Tannoy DCs require top-rate amplification. Look for a used pair of Jota monoblocks.
Forgot to mention, my Tannoys like to be bi-wired with Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun speaker wires.
Look for something with good, beefy transformers. I haven't heard the Audio Art amps with Tannoys but I would bet the Jota would be a good match, especially the high output models.
Lokie, the Tannoy-Jota high current combination is breathtaking.
Try the Dialogue one or two from Primaluna. I drive a pair of Glenair's with a Dialogue two using the Shuguang Treasure EL34 Tubes. Another amp I like is Jadis. Jadis is quite expensive though.

I bet the Air Tight ATM-1 that's for sale now would be good match.
Manley uses Tannoy speakers. The Stingray would be a natural match.
I use mind with a leben 300, plenty of fun and bass is tweakeble for low listening session, very fun and no listening fatigue, ad a rega DAC with 5 filter type to choose from and forget listening fatigue. And lenco TT should be very enjoyable on them, you try ortofon black cart on it, will help or a lovely Denon 103 if MC is available....
primaluna got a smile curve in the output, but boomy bass with my stirling....


just sold mine for cheap!