Help.... Need Amp advice

I am currently in the market for an amp to provide a little kick to my system. I have the klipsch rf 3II, rc3, and rs3's with a velodyne HGS-12. I'm most interested in powering the fronts and center speakers but I am also considering a 5 channel amp to power 'em all. So far I am torn between the Odyssey Stratos HT-3 (150x3), an older acurus A200x5 (too much power?) or 125x5, or a parasound HCA1205 (140x5). I should mention my pre/pro is currently a Denon AVR 3803 (85x7), and my time is for the most part split 50-50 between music and HT. Overall budget for the amplifier is $1-2K. Thanks, any advice/opinions are greatly appreciated!
You can never have too much power. An EAD Powermaster 1000(5x200) works extremely well with the Denon. You should be able to find one on Audiogon in the $1500 range. Make sure you get one with the upgraded power supply. Normally the V cut silver faceplate models have the upgraded power supply.
I own the Odyssey. I have owned the Parasound (glassy top end with painful sibilance, great bottom end but overall very dry, dull and had a horrible time with complex passages) and have heard the Acurus (just awful, enough said!), this would be an easy choice for me, the Odyssey amp is a given, the reviews don't lie. Odyssey also has a 5ch version if you're into HT. Don't focus on the specified wattage, you will definately not get sound quality from it and you'll often also not even get you more power with a higher rated wpc number, there's a whole lot more to it then that....
Odyssey HT3, no question will satisty your application. Nothing in the amps that you mentioned will hold a candle with the Odyssey. Still not convinced? Check out the reviews in Audioreview and owners feedback both at Harmonic Discord and Audiocircle. Goodluck!
If you are willing to start with a 3-channel amp for the main and center speakers, then you should consider the Bryston 5B-ST, which can be acquired used for around $1400. If you want to go start with an excellent 2-channel amp, then the Bryston 4B-ST is a good starting point -- there is one for sale here on A-gon for $1200. If you look at the link to my system, you will see that I started with the 4B-ST and later upgraded my 3-channel surround amp to the 5B-ST. From several years of personal experience with these amps, I can recommend them to you without reservation.
You might also consider getting a good analog pre-amp so that you can bypass the Denon when listening to music. Regardless of the amplification that you get, when it comes to music, the Denon is definitely limiting you. Just a suggestion. Enjoy.
Hmmm... that sounds like an idea, I honestly haven't considered a preamp, still kinda new to this whole audio ballgame. What would be a good, relatively inexpensive, ($500-1000) analog preamp to go with the aforementioned amps?
Lo- I'd look into something like the Blue Circle or Audible Illusions 2C, 2D, or 3. Only thing about AI is that their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. Musical Designs, MFA, Melos, and C-J also made nice tube pre-amps. I'd recommend that you stay with an all tube design, not a hybrid, but that is just my preference. Good luck.