Help - need advice on B&W Nautilus 802 stands

Can anyone give me some advice on what kind of stands or spike setup to use for my Nautilus 802s. I don't want to damage the floor - the are very heavy, about 155lbs each. Any ideas would be appreciated.
I would be surprised if you really wanted to use stands...the 802s are already floorstanders. They probably come with their own stands/spikes/feet, no? In any event, try the A10-U8s sold by Jonathan Tinn. Expensive but by all accounts exceptional, class-leading.
See if you can buy a very large piece of butcher block or wooden plinth of some sort. May be you will require two pieces of wood for each. Then you could use spikes without the fear of damaging your floor.
I second the plinth idea with the addition of 3" brass footers under the plinth. It will be a tough job getting these up on the plinths, however.

I have this setup on my B&W 803ds, with 2" brass footers between the speaker and the plinth, and 3" brass footers between the 3.5" maple plinth and the wood floor. It was a real b*tch getting the speakers up on the plinth (and they are nowhere near as heavy as yours) and a bit tricky to balance as I am using only three footers under the plinth (tripod arrangement). But the sound improvement was worth it.
Fine idea on the plinths and brass footers.