Help:need adjustable brass spikes f/speakers

I remember seeing an adjustable brass spikes in one of the catalogs.I always thought it was MusicDirect but today i gave them a call and realized they never sold this product.
The adjustable brass spike that i saw was more like a brass footer with the upper thread going all the way into the speaker and a lower rotating base were adjustable via internal thread.Anybody familiar with these?I am currently using original speaker spikes with brass coupling discs but my wooden floor is uneven and one out of 5 spikes always hanging in the air.I am tired of using pennies because my speakers go thru it like thru the butter (150lbs each)
Please,help id the spike described above or a similar product.appreciate your responces.
I really like the spikes come with Martin Logan speakers. You can buy the standard spikes from their web site.
Contact TWL for threaded spikes. I got a pair for my TT from him and they work very well.
Do they have to be spikes or could you use bolts with same thread? I do this on my hardwood to keep from putting holes in the floor. It seems to work fine if a nut is threaded on the bolt to keep it stable. You can also modify the tip to suit your desires. I admit I'm a cheapskate if you hadn't guessed already.
You will find what you need at