HELP! - Need a Repair Recommendation for my Raysonic Amp

After 5 years of flawless service, my Raysonic SP-66 tube integrated wouldn’t power up yesterday evening. The fuse at the electrical input was blown, but it still didn’t power up even after I replaced the fuse with one that tests good. I took the bottom plate off, looked around inside, and didn’t see anything obviously wrong. The 2 internal fuses tested good.

It ocurred to me that the power button was probably in the ON position when I went to start listening. This suggests that either I accidentally left it on the last time I listened, or one of my grand-children turned it on, and it over-heated. I also noticed a paint blister on one of the transformer covers suggesting that it over-heated.

My suspicion is the power transformer, but I don’t how to confirm it, or replace it if it is in fact the problem.

Raysonic is long gone and they had a reputation for being secretive with product details, so I doubt that anyone will have schematics or parts values.

The amp has been a pleasure and it is a perfect match for my CD128 CD player which has also performed flawlessly.

Therefore, I would very much like to get the amp repaired, as long as it isn’t cost-prohibitive, but I don’t know who to turn to, much less trust, to do the work.

I would hope that a well-qualified tube amp technician would be able to fix this even if they are not specifically familiar with Raysonic. I just don’t know who that is.

So, I would appreciate suggestions/recommendations of someone who may be able to help me out.

Thanks in advance.


I have experienced your problem with several other amp's and each time, as suggested by oldhvymec, I lost a resistor in the bias circuit, replaced it and all was fine. FWIW there are quite a few manufacturers that use a 'sacrificial' resistor as opposed to a fuse. PITA IMHO, especially for some one who can't do his own repair work. 
Was it plugged in properly (did it light up)? If it lit up but nothing happened, in my estimation the power transformer is off the hook.
Did what light up?  The lights on the face of the amp did not come on.  The fuse is in the fuse holder inside the IEC connector.
quite a few manufacturers that use a 'sacrificial' resistor as opposed to a fuse.
Well, that sucks.  Should I be able to see obvious signs of failure?  The are quite a few resistors in there.
So, I reached out to Parts Connexion, and Chris Johnson responded that he is confident that they can help me out. :~)
Not crazy about shipping back and forth to Canada, but he is going to let me use their shipping discount.
He has a very positive outlook, unlike several of the other people I contacted.
I will update this post as things progress.
Thanks for all of your support.
I believe the person in Pa that was referenced  was Steve at Quest for Sound.   I bought a Raysonic SP 100 Integrated from him and about 1 year later it was hit by a lightning surge and knocked out the control panel.   He couldn’t fix due to lack of parts but said it was useable as a power amp.
i then bought a Raysonic SP-200 integrated that I enjoy to this day.  I understand the love for the brand’s sound.
Best Wishes