HELP My whole system all powers up but NO SOUND

Good morning everyone!!
Last night when i came home,my first thing in my mind is to listen to my system.So,i power up everything and when it's all warmed up ,i start playing my cd and heard nothing.I checked all the fuse and looks all good and no sign of burned fuse?BTW,my system is set up for "BIAMPING ".Tube monoblock driving the upper panel of my speaker (Martin Logan/Aerius) and a solid state amp to power the bottom side ( woofer ).As i said it's all power up but not getting any sound at all in my ML.I did connected another speaker and no sound still.What the heck is happening in my system? Btw,i did even checked the preamp fuse and it looks good and ofcourse i can see it powers up or light's on. I am thinking to open it up last night to check my 12ax7 tubes. is it possible it will be my preamp tubes??
Or the problem will be in the pre-amp??REmember both tube amps and solid state amps power are all ON and lights ON but still not getting any sound.I am at work right now and thinking a lot what really happened? I need all of your input and information so when i reach home hopefully i will enjoy my Friday night.Thank you all very much in advance!
You have of course checked that the amps are connected to the pre's output...

You haven't pressed or switched to tape /monitor/something? The source on the pre is at correct setting?

Try connecting yr source to different input on the pre.

Do all of this with volume down or minimal.

Otherwise, very strange. Could be tubes -- both ALL the tube failing together is too much of a coincidence
Swap out each item in the signal chain with a known working component, one at a time, starting with the CD player and working back towards the amps.
My guess is tape monitor switched in.
Yes i did checked all the connections from pre out puts and checked all the switched to tape,aux.1,aux.2 to all.If all tubes from the amp failed how about my S/S amp driving the lower part of my speaker,that should get a sound right?And also i did checked and try to play my dvd and still no sound.I even checked all the remote control just in case?
BTW,i have to add this more info of mine,almost a week ago i added and connected a y connector to the preamp (1 male to 2 female so i can used a sub which is sharing a signal for my S/S amp for the bass.I'ts so strange.I have 2 outputs in my Cary Audio SPL-88 preamps.I suspected it may be the preamp? I will call Cary Audio in N.Carolina and check about the pre-amp ? Thanks.
Jdombrow,i will try your suggestion tonight.Gosh i can't wait to go home.
About my pre amp it take 2 6sn7 tubes not 12ax7.I apologized.
Swampwalker,i did checked all the source on off position except the cd but will double checked again tonight.
Have you checked the CD player? Maybe it has a mute switch or a volume control that somehow got turned down.

Some CD players have inputs for signal from other sources (digital or analog), and they have a selector switch to choose between internal CD versus the external source(s). If your CD player has this, be sure the check the source selector.

Is there some way to verify that the CD player is working? Maybe you could plug it into another system (e.g., possibly an iPod) to see if it is functioning (a la Swampwalker's suggestion).
I have the Jolida JD100.Mute was off all the time and tripled checked the player and the control last night.I turned on my DVD player and having pictures but no sound.Tonight i will check my cd and dvd player in my other system just to make sure.I hope i can find another preamp to check it all.I still suspected it's the preamp?
Are the ML's plugged in, and are their power lights on also?
Is everything else on the circuit working? While highly unlikely could a breaker have switched off or a fuse have blown? Since it seems unlikely everything would have gone have you checked this?
Was anyone else in the room with you? Did they hear the music?
Mcfarland,Yes the ML is always plugged in and i do not have the power lights in my old Aerius ( but biwired).I also connected another speaker and still no sound at all.
Uru975,i am sure everything works.The only equipment works are the tv and directv machine which plugged in to the same surge .As i said everything works still in the room except no sound.Thanks.

Onhwy61,no one except my wife but still no music heard last night.These are all in my bedroom.Thanks.

I just spoke to Jo of Cary Audio in N.C and told what was going on.He told me to check the preamp tubes (6sn7).If the one filament is not working and maybe affecting the other one too,I will try to open and check and replace the tubes if needed.
Good evening fellow Audogoner's.
Just to let you know that i've just solved the problems.
I did open the preamp cover and tested the 2 6sn7 tubes and found out that the other one is totally dead and the other one was tested very low and replaced both with my spare tubes.And the out come was very succesful.Now the sound of music is back and i am very happy.
How did you test the tubes?
just curious, how do u "test" the tubes apart form looking at it?
Hello guys,
I do tested my tubes from a Jackson 648A tube tester that i acquired from a retired electrician who tought me how to used it.I got this tube tester last year and i even sold some few tubes NOS tubes that came from the same guy.
I am enjoying the amps that i bought from you and also to let you know that new output tubes when bias in this amp can go up to 170 ma with out blowing fuse although the manual required is 175 ma.As you mentioned Cary tech says 150 ma.You are blowing those fuse just because the output tubes before was already weak and i wonder why you can't go no more than 135 ma.The only thing since i owned my preamp i never checked the 6sn7 tubes which was the cause of having no sound.Cary tech told me to check those tubes.
Btw,i am using the Cary SLM-100 monoblocks to drive my ML panels and a solid state to drive the woofer.Since i did the biamping in my system,now i am really enjoying the sound of my speaker and may be try VRjr later.Did you sell yours?