Help, My Vandies Sizzle

Hello All, first time posting here, but have enjoyed reading all the posts for several years.
Recently purchased a pair of used Vandersteen 2Cs listed here on A-gon from a great dealer in Hollywood, Florida.
They replaced a pair of Monitor Audio Silver RX8s a few months ago.
 Dedicated listening room with a dedicated 20A circuit, 14x14x8, wood floors over concrete slab, alcoves and bi-fold closet doors allow for some respite from the dreaded "square-room bass boom", heavy area rug covers most of the wood floor, a couple of upholstered cloth recliners, and artificial trees on sidewalls at first reflection points and at front wall between speakers.
Speakers are positioned 7 feet apart, no toe-in, 2 feet from front wall, 3.5 feet from sidewalls, listening chair is 10 feet from speakers. (All measurements measured from tweeters).
Gear is Oppo 103, Krell s300i (integrated). Cables are Anticables.                                                                                   
The problem is a slightly bright sound on most discs, with a definitely hot treble on some, bordering on un-listenable.
Using the mid and treble controls, have tried reducing them by 3 dB. That helped some.
Otherwise, love, love, love these 2Cs.
Not interested in getting back into vinyl.
Will consider any and all suggestions and thank you all in advance for so much good information.

Have you tried playing with the lean back angle of the speakers?  I have 3A Sigs and the stand they come with allows you to adjust the angle, and the manual includes recommendations based on listening distance and listening height.

And, um, Krell stuff can sound kinda bright.....
Something needs to change . Seems simple . Keep the vandys and get a different integrated . Keep the Krell and try different speakers . Oppo 105 i have found has more output than other digital sources . Could be that into the krell into the vandys accentuates the highs greater than the monitor audio combo did . 
Vandy 2's ( the originals) were my grail speaker from the '80's. In no way would I describe them as 'bright' or 'hot'. As Maplegrove suggested, I would change your amp. Many of the later Krell's tended to be a bit harsh.
If you are so inclined, get a McCormack amp (they use Vandy's to test their amps). Even my old Adcom 555 performed well with the Vandy 3a sigs. while waiting for McCormack to upgrade my amp.
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