Help!! My tube pre amp is shocking me!!

I just hooked up my Anthem Pre 2L and it pops and shocks me every time I touch it. Also, it pops in such a way that it makes a loud POP sound through the speakers and temporarily lowers the volume and slowley comes back to full strength. I have no idea why it's doing that and if someone knows why please let me know. thanks
Is this a 2-prong AC plug? If so, try reversing the line cord AC plug. If not, there may be some other offending component. What happens when the Pre is plugged in & turned on without any inputs or output connected? If the chassis is still hot then there may be a failed internal bypass capacitor.
Your description sounds like static electricity discharge. Try touching something else that is metal, like a piece of your rack, etc... This is quite common when the winter months hit us due to the lack of humidity. Many people will attach a small piece of metal to their rack in an inconspicous spot and then run a wire to ground. You can then touch the piece of grounded metal FIRST and discharge yourself with no noise from or possible damage to your equipment. Otherwise, i would look into what Bob is talking about. Tube voltage levels can be quite lethal, so don't mess around or hesitate to get the unit checked out if it isn't related to a ground loop or static discharge. Sean >
What you are describing is likely an excessive leakage path from the mains to the chassis. I would discontinue use of the product until it can be evaluated and serviced. It is very possible that the leakage can accelerate to a level that can cause a hazard to someone that may come in contact with it. There is also a chance of a fire resulting if the conduction path is via a flammable component. This is not something to ignore. Kevin Halverson