Help!My systems sound too bright

Hi I have a pair of Wilson Benesch Orator driven by an intergrated Jadis Da-60 amp,source is a Proceed cdp,interconnects is by Tara Labs master generation 2,spk cables also by Tara Labs reference generation 2,powercords synergistic research master coupler and cdp plug into chang lightspeed 3200 and amp into a power wedge 212p.I just bought my spk and it sounds bright and overwelming I not sure if it is because i have not run in the spks(about 20 hrs)or I have room acoustic problem or is there anything wrong wth my setup.any advice and thanks first
Hi Samaul, Do give more time on your break in. This is not uncommon. After another 100 hours on your speakers, remove the Chang lightspeed and power wedge and see if it doesn't sound better. Acoustic room treatment shuold be dealt with first. Good luck, you have a nice speaker.
Samaul, Brulee is right, put at least 100 more hours on the speaks, I would even say 150 before you do any critical listening. I'll bet you'll hear a big difference. Good luck.
If your gear does not have 3 prong AC plugs, try reversing them. The other advise is good.
Hi Samual. I have a Bel Canto pre amp that had amperex tubes. I changed to telefunken tubes and the difference was absolutely remarkable. My system went from an edgey bright sound to a lush warm balanced sound. Go figure. Good Luck Harvey
A number of things come to mind without seeing the listening room. Accoustics are an esential component, and I have found some reasonable treatments @ You also have cables that have to be chosen carefully, and as already stated before is adiquite break in time. These areas if paid attention to will solve alot of problems you have stated without wasting your money.
Thanks for all of your advice,will keep on breaking in the speakers, I have been using Echobuster to treat the room,thinking of adding a pair of argent roomlens at the side of speakers to cut down reflection,but do not know if it will be effective.And Harvey I been using the Telefunken 12ax7 smooth plate before I bought the speakers and got great results from it but when I also try changing the three 12au7 to Telefunken ribbed plates the sound became muddy and uninvolving,maybe too much of it is no good.
As far as componets go the only possible option is the change the source componet. S.F.and Metronome are two units that come to mind. They will exhibit a warmer character (tube units)to the current reproduction. I would think that your primary concern should be room acoustics. It sounds as though the room may well be contributing to the brightness you are hearing. Hopefully you dont have a hard reflective type floor. Also be sure to damp your primary reflection points. On the ceiling to if you can. Dont think Lens will assist in dampening the room. As far as speakers go, I do agree that break in will change the tonal character of your system. I tend to doubt that if what you are currently hearing and describing will vanish upon break in of the speakers on its own. Good luck and happy listening.....
Try a high current ss amp. I had the same problems using tube amps with Dunlavy V's. This was the cure.
Listen to Brulee's advice. He knows what he is talking about. The Tara cables are not bright. Do not give up the Jadis magic. If you still have this problem in the end, simply switch to JJ(Telsa/Teslovak) KT88 output tubes. They will warm everything up. This amp will also accept EL34/E34L/6CA7 tubes, I believe. That is your all out solution. You will still have plenty of power as this amp uses 8 output tubes, MASSIVE transformers, and extremely large capacitance. You will be unbelievably hard pressed to find an ss amp that is superior in its combination of finesse, detail, speed, and slam.
Don't give up any of your equipment! You should be able to borrow a high powered ss amp to see if that's your problem.I spent months on cables. I couldn't believe that the tubes(wolcotts) were the problem