Help, my system sounds lifeless!

Hi, this is my first post.  I rushed putting my system together when i emigrated from the UK to New Jersey.  In fact this site was partly to blame as i was attracted to the amazing  "used" deals!  I bought a pair of Dali Helicon 400 (mark I)  as they passed the WAF.  The rest of the system contains a Belles Soloist Integrated and Simaudio Equinox SE CD player, wireworld platinum eclispe 6 interconnect & Audio Art Cable Classic SC-5 Speaker Cable.  My room maybe partly to blame but generally the system sounds lifeless, with little soundstage (better when i play vinyl).  I am not feeling/falling in love with the speakers and do not like the bass response (which is often reported).  I would like to change the speakers and was wondering if you could help.  I have an extremely large cd collection (and have recently bought a used Lumin D1, but unfortunately not set up yet) covering all kinds of music.  I am thinking 8ohm with better sensitivity would be a better option.  Looking to spend around $3000-4000 used.  Some contenders include Revel F206 or F208, Tannoy DC8 or DC8T, ATC SCM40, JA Pulsars (maybe too much $), PBN Liberty, Aerial 10T (never see them used) but they must have grills as sometimes kids go in the basement.  Maybe Monitors with stands would be better option?  I am hoping the flickr link works so you can see my room (excuse the feet!).  I want to fall in love with my large music collection again!  Looking for good bass & soundstage and speakers that can play all kinds of music (sometimes I'm partial to deep electronic music).  In some ways because my taste is so vast i am not particularly looking for ultra revealing speakers (Nora Jones speakers i think you call them!).  Looking forward to the NY audio show so i can hear some systems.  Thanks for all the help, cheers Paul
Well I enjoyed my first audio show and found it very friendly. The only room i couldn't get into was the audio arts room. Maybe it was quieter on Sunday as the marathon put a few folks off. A lot of the brands i wanted to hear were not present but highlights were the GamuT, Mola Mola/YG, Technics, Prism/ATC, & Sonner rooms. Oh and some big horn speakers (Volti) were great.  I was hoping my jaw would drop at my first audio show but it didn't quite happen unfortunately, maybe i am more of a sound snob than i thought! That or the famous small NY hotel rooms! Still I did get a few music requests in! 

Well its finally Thanksgiving so I am hoping to put the Dali speakers up for sale, set up another router for the Lumin and play with some new cable.  I am starting to finalize my monitor list (so far the Tannoy DC8, Proac Response 2, Harbeth Compact 7 ES3, Revel, Focal) so please let me know if you have any tips.  As mentioned I play all sorts of music, so they need to sound fantastic with Kate Bush as well as Trentemoller!  I will try and find a tape measure and provide room dimensions.  Wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving.  Cheers Paul
Forgot to mention Pulsars on are my  list also, 2 pairs were advertised on here recently but got snapped up very quickly.  Guess that is a good sign! 
Yes, put the system on the long wall if you can, and play with toe-in. Often a big difference in bass quality and imaging.
Then put some silver coated copper speaker cables in there. I recommend Mapleshade (awesome and quick and transparent, but can be a bit tempermental) or Morrow Audio (start with SP2, terrific midrange, and quick enough).
Try this before going down the speaker/amp change-itis rabbit hole...