Help My Rel has gone berserk

Hopefully I'm just being thick and someone here can point out my stupidity. I have a Rel Storm III which I use for 2-channel as well as home theater. It is hooked up via rca interconnects (a y-connector) to the low level inputs on the Rel from the sub out on my home theater processor. I have the Rel in mode 2, to bypass the filters on low level input (since this is the .1 in a 5.1 from my processor). I have the left and right channels of my stereo amp hooked up to the high level input on the rel via the neutrik connector. Here's the thing - the high level volume control doesn't affect the volume of the bass on 2-channel. The low-level volume control certainly does affect the bass on surround sound, as it should, but it also affects the bass on 2-channel, even when my surround sound processor is off (which it shouldn't, right?). So, when I have the bass turned up high enough to make an impact on movies, it's really loud and muddy when I listen to 2-channel. Again, high-level volume control appears to do nothing at all. Help! -Dave
This does sound incorrect to me. I've been planning to use one of my REL's in the manner that you describe, so if this IS how they ALL work I'd like to know that ahead of time!
ps: What happens when you ONLY have high level connected - does it make any difference?
I haven't tried pulling the low connector out. However, this is NOT how they all work - this particularly unit didn't work like this until recently. It used to work fine, but I had it off for quite some time, so I'm wondering if I'm not remembering something since I last used it. Any help is appreciated. -Dave
I had similar problem with my Rel Storm III. Had many long phone discussions with dealer (SUMIKO). Finally they identified the problem as grounding mismatch with my amplifier, and suggested to connect third cable of high level connection to amplifier box. It worked - never had a problem since! You may try it.
Hey, didn't notice your repsonse until today. I thought the thread had died. When you say amplifier box, do you mean connecting the ground wire to the amp chassis rather than an output terminal? I'm not quite following you. Please clarify. Thanks. -Dave