Help My Krell amp is too big.

I am building a new home which will have a stereo cabinet to house my components. My Krell FPB 600 2 channel amp is too long to fit in my 22" deep cabinet. Even though I love the amp, I now need to sell it. I'm thinking about two smaller monoblocks to replace it. I don't want to go backwards on quality. Suggestions? I would like to spend less than 10K. Speakers are B&W Nautilus 801's and preamp is Krell HTS 7.1. Thanks!
Interesting that you're building a new home, have an amp that you love and couldn't find a way to accommodate it somehow into the new architecture. Is this cabinet custom built or off the shelf and that's the reason it won't fit?
How about the new Ayre MX-R monoblocks--only 18 3/4 inches long. From the Ayre website:
11" W x 18.75" D x 3.75" H
(28cm x 48cm x 9.5cm)

But probably too beautiful to hide in a cabinet! There is a new review in Stereophile.
You must have forgotten the proper sequence to getting things done - You build your new home to fit your audio system and not the other way around :-).

I would suggest you not sell off your Krell but instead try to work with what you have. Firstly they are good amps and secondly it is not advisable to place your power amp in an enclosure. You'll going to have heating problem, regardless of whatever amps you are going to get. The only amp I know that does not get too hot are the McIntosh because they are class B amps. If you insist on fitting your amps in your cabinet and the McIntosh sound fits your taste, you might want to give it a shot.
Bust out the back of your stereo cabinet. Have a carpenter bust it out and expand it into the stud wall, there's atleast 4" hidden back there. I've seen it done for TV's, why not your amp?
Will the stereo cabinet allow for adequate ventilation of your Krell?
If you like Krell sound why not stay with Krell mono?
Unless you are in a shear-wall configuration it should be easy to get a few more inches in depth.

You you need to have a converation. Lots of suggestions hereabouts if you contractor can't think 'inside the box..'
I would say go with either the EVO 402
or step down to a 400cx
You'll hear a drastic improvement with the 402 and should not be giving anything up except pounds going with a 400cx
as a builder i suggest you talk to your contractor. even if the cabinet is finished and installed he should STILL be able to work out something more than likely. you sound as tho it is not finished however... is there some 'other' reason for wanting to switch amps? as mentioned before, i hope that space is well vented ;^)
Thanks for the great responses. After considering everything said, I plan to get a Krell 402 Evolution and sell the FPB 600. Thanks again!
The EVOs get hot as heck too, and the 402 is still only a inch and half less in width, a little less than an inch taller, about 3 inches deeper than the FPB 400cx (??) you have. If your cabinet is only 22 inches deep, doesn't this make things worse for you?
Hiernote : you confirm that the Evo 402 is really better sounding thant the fpb series amps ? On what particular point ?
Thanks for help.
I don't have an FPB 400cx. I have the FPB 600. The 402 fits but just by a little where the 600 was just too big.
How's the ventilation around the EVO? And how do you like it? Congrats on a nice purchase too. : )