Help my Innuos Zenmini streamer is only half working.

I have had my Innuos Zenmini mk 2 for a couple of months and working perfectly. I stream and listen to music that has been burned to the internal hard drive. So finally had the opportunity to listen to some music last night it's been about 5 days sense it was up and running with no issues. I stream Tidal through Ipeng on my iPad. When I went to the apps menu to tap on Tidal which I always do to open it up it says " Tidal log failed please check your tidal credentials on my I know it's been a while since I set this up but I don't believe I have a "mysqueezebox" account. And I don't know why I would need one since everything worked perfectly beforehand. Now I did buy the streamer used the previous owner did stream Tidal so I don't know if that has anything to do with it, I did switch it over to my account though. I can play music off the hard drive without any issues. Any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you. 

It sounds like it’s asking for the previous owner’s credentials. Is there a way to do a system reset on the Zen, erase all previous info and start from scratch?
Yes you open up the Innous control program and under system there is a tab to do a factory reset.